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The Official TWiP Gear List

A growing and comprehensive listing of the hardware and software we use to produce digital content including podcasts, courses, webinars, video conferences and more.

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Understanding Fine Art Pet Photography

Jesse Freidin one of the leading fine art pet photographers joins the show to discuss his love of the art, and why. We also dive into how he has positioned his business as “boutique” and “high end”.

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I can’t breathe.

A candid “black and brown” discussion on racism, police brutality, and navigating a world divided by color lines.

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Digitizing Family Memories!

In this interview I chat with my good friend Derrick Story about some state-of-the-art processes for getting your physical media digitized and archived.

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Photo Critique 112 – SHADOWS

Frederick Van Johnson and Troy Miller discuss the latest submissions to the TWiP PRO Community critique. This week’s topic was “SHADOWS”. This week’s favorite was

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