TWiP Podcast
    July 30, 2021

    Which camera should you buy?

    In this episode, I (attempt to) answer the question — which camera should you buy?
    Photo Critiques
    July 29, 2021

    Photo Critique 164 – TEXTURE!

    This week’s photo critique topic was “TEXTURE“.
    TWiP Podcast
    July 16, 2021

    Getting Back into Photography!

    [powerpress]Professional travel photographer Elia Locardi discusses how photographers can reinvigorate their photography hobby after experiencing a diminished will to shoot.
    TWiP Podcast
    July 14, 2021

    Creating Limited Edition Prints, Powered by NFTs

    How NFT's may revolutionize the creation and management of limited edition prints.
    Photo Critiques
    July 12, 2021

    Photo Critique 164 – CUPS or MUGS!

    s “CUPS or MUGS“.
    TWiP Podcast
    July 9, 2021

    Shooting Rockstars with Anabel DFlux!

    Anabel DFlux joins me to discuss the exciting (and sometimes misunderstood) world of photographing concerts and performances.
    TWiP Podcast
    June 30, 2021

    The Art of Hand-Painting Digital Photographs

    In this interview, it's all about the art of hand painting photographs with Cheryl Machat Dorskind.
    Photo Critiques
    June 28, 2021

    Photo Critique 163 – INTERSECTING LINES

    This week’s photo critique topic was “INTERSECTING LINES“.
    TWiP Podcast
    June 25, 2021

    Don’t call Leah Judson a photographer.

    Leah Judson and I discuss how calling her *just* a photographer might be inaccurate.
    TWiP Podcast
    June 23, 2021

    Photographing the Great Outdoors

    In this episode it's all about outdoor photography, and how Liam Doran has created a sustainable life and business creating…