TWiP 424 – INSIDE the Everyday Messenger

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TWiP 424 – Inside the Everyday Messenger

In this episode, Trey Ratcliff and I sit down (virtually) to discuss the record-setting Kickstarter campaign he, along with Peak Design recently launched.

The Everyday Messenger bag is a new take on camera bags, and incorporates a number of Peak Design learnings, as well as some seemingly obvious common sense. The result is what looks to be a really impressive camera bag system that will play well with your other Peak Design products.

Trey and I discuss the inception of the bag, and what drove him to collaborate with Peak Design. We discuss the success of the Kickstarter campaign, and also what might be next for the Trey + Peak Design partnership.

To celebrate and promote the bag, Trey is hitting the road and conducting a number of photowalks around the country. I like to call Trey's photowalks… the “Trey Pride Parades”. His photowalks are always a ton of fun, and everyone leaves jazzed about photography and how to make better images.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

You can check out Trey's tour dates here.

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  1. This is a great photo bag and I would put in my Pentax 67, 5 rolls of 400h, as well as my Nikon F4E with 50mm 1.8 with 4 rolls of Tri-X. Let’s no forget mu Polaroid Spectra . . .What a wonderful bag!!!!

  2. LOVE the innovation of this bag – especially that I can hang my camera outside. And, hey, I live in the Bay Area so thrilled that Peak Design was involved. I’d LOVE to put my Nikon d300 in it along with my new 85mm nikkor lens (such a great lens for portraits. oy). 50 mm 1:1.4 always comes along and when i get that new wide angle lens from Sigma it’ll have to fit in there too. My ipad mini and camranger have to fit too for real estate shoots. Then there are odds and ends like my color checker, extra batteries, lens cleaner and snacks (almonds & chocolate). Gimme, gimme, gimme that bag!

  3. I am very interested in the design of this bag and how it functions differently from any other bag out there. I travel for work and have to carry a separate bag to make my travel camera kit work. I can see where this bag will solve that problem as I would pack the following items for my travel needs:

    15″ MacBook Pro
    Company iPad
    Personal iPad Mini
    Bose Headphones w/UflyMike Aviation attachment
    Leica M-E with 35mm Summilux attached
    Leica APO-Summicron-M 75mm ASPH lens
    WhiBal Card
    Midori Traveler’s Notebook
    Parker P51
    Shure 535 earphones
    iPhone 6
    New Trent recharging brick
    Passport/Pilot License
    recharging cables

  4. This would be perfect for my first trip to New Zealand in November.

    I’d carry a Fujifilm X-T1, primes and of course some snacks.

    Only missing feature is some external straps to carry a midsized tripod.

  5. Hi Trey and Frederik! Great podcast, cool vid and super nice new innovative bag design. I could list all the gear that I would love to store in it but hey we are photographers right? So I took a little snapshot of my film gear as I do love analog. Don’t get distracted 😉

    Ciao and keep up the good shows!

  6. Good looking bag! I would fit in my new X-T1, a couple of lenses, a thin woolen sweater and a thermos (it might be cold in Norway, even in summer)

  7. I love how much it doesn’t look like a photo bag. I wold use it for my camera, but also for my sketchbook, drawing supplies and laptop.

  8. This would be great for my NEX6, handfull of lenses, tablet, and kid stuff that I would need day to day.

  9. This Would be a grate travel bag for me as i could have my canon 7d, 24-70, 18-200 and my mac book pro in the one bag.

  10. Oh man, what a great bag! Ideal for my laptop, ipod mini, and of course my OM-D M-5, along with some water and fruits for when I’m out shooting.

  11. I’d use it as a mix between camera bag and travel bag. Would fit almost a weekends’ essentials for a city trip. So, I’d fill it with camera, iphone, city map, snacks, rain jacket, etc.

  12. I’ve enjoyed my PD Slide and Clutch. This bag would be a nice addition.
    The bag would end up as my everyday work bag (laptop, cables, and stuff) on weekdays and my camera bag (70D, Sigma 18-35, 18-135) on weekends with the family.

  13. This bag looks incredible! I would to use it for my Sony A7, Sony lenses, and Macbook Pro.

  14. I would use the Messenger to carry my Canon 40D, a speedlite, and a couple of lenses.

  15. Besides my camera, I would load it with some good cheese to take to the photowalk to go with the 192 bottles of wine.

  16. The first thing I would drop in is my 5d mark 3 and the go pro, my goal zero charger, sling that cool looking thing over my shoulder and get on my motorcycle and ride off into the sunset…photographing myself #selfie

  17. Well, of course I’d put in my camera, a Nikon D750 and my 24-120|50|35 lenses. But I think this bag would be really good for everything I need, so I would top it off with a cardigan, my notebooks and a variety of pen colors into the laptop slot, and probably a field pouch stuffed with my wallet stuff. Oh! And my flash, if I remembered 🙂 Thank goodness its so flexible in size.

  18. I would use the bag to carry Sony A7rII, Fuji X100T and several Sony FE lenses.

  19. I would carry a Sony A6000 attached on the outside with the Capture clip I’ve just ordered.
    I would carry my Canon 7D and all my lenses and gear I would need for the day inside the bag.

  20. I would have my Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 90mm for macros and street photography. And lunch if there is room..

  21. I would use the bag to carry my Fuji X-E1 and my assortment of new Fuji and old M42 lenses. Plus of course cards, batteries, lens cloth, blower, pen and notebook.

  22. I would put in my EOS 6D with the 40mm Pancake and add the rest according to the needs of the day – that may be the 70-200 or the 24mm TS/S. On other days it may just be the EOS M + 22mm, leaving plenty of space for other things.
    Something to read and everyday objects like an external battery pack (+cable) to fill up the smartphone of MP3 player if they run out of juice, or a bottle of water should complete the usual setup.

  23. I already have the Peak Design camera strap, which I love. I would use this with my Olympus Om-d Em1, my 75mm f/1.8 and my 12-40mm f/2.8 lens. Hopefully I’ll be able to carry my Macbook Air along with some other tools of the trade such as batteries, memory cards, flash, cords,etc. It looks like its also big enough for me to carry my Zoom mic and accessories. I have so many bags but I’m not in love with any of them. Maybe this is the bag?

  24. I would put my Olympus OM-D EM5II, some lenses, my iPad and a beverage in the bag

  25. I am going to put a ham sandwich in my bag, some raisins, home brewed ice tea, some digitalia (not digitalis, please) and a bagfull of great ideas and fun. And this gets me registered to win one of these great bags, and maybe a trip to New Zealand and Trey Ratcliff workshop. Thank you

  26. I’d fill it with a new Nikon d7000, Tamron 70-200 and Tamron 17-50 along with some filters and flash. Oh and can’t forget my MacBook Pro for post.

  27. I’d try and fit in my B1, two soft boxes, some PW’s, the 5D, and some bottles of Scotch and maybe a tripod if there is some room left over

  28. I’m a university student and I run the Photography Society and do commissioned work all over campus and London and I normally use my large Lowpro (Vertex 300 and Flipside 400) bags for work, and don’t really have a suitable day bag (currently using a cheap satchel) for my Canon 6D, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm to shoot around campus or go straight to a job after classes. This bag would be perfect as I’m always on the run balancing between class and photofun.

  29. I would put in my canon 550d, with my 10-22mm, 30mm and 55-250mm lenses and a couple of spare batteries. Then some snack bars, a bottle of water and some gloves and hat to protect myself from the wind when I’m up in the mountains.

  30. I would fill the bag with my EM-5 Mark II, a infrared modified E-PM1, lenses & filters, and an iPad.

  31. I would put my Canon with a 24 and a 85 plus a flash. Or if I go out with my analogue camera I pic the one I currently use. Most often an old Olympus or Pentax. Some film.

    A note book and water.

    The bags are truly beautiful!

  32. I’d start with my camera, passport, and plane tickets. Then I’d fill out the rest of the bag with all of the trinkets and souvenirs from the journey. Love this bag. Great pick for the podcast and kudos for the innovation.

  33. I’d put in two camera kits: Fuji X for me and a Canon G10 for my 4-year-old daughter. And maybe some snacks and her favorite teddy bear. 😀 Great bag Trey and great podcast Frederick!

  34. What a great bag! I would love to load it up with my camera gear (Sony A6000 and a bunch of lenses), take the train into the city (Chicago), and take a bunch of images. I might then find a nice quiet place to do some editing with my MacBook which came along for the ride.

  35. I would load it with my Nikon D4, 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200, along with a 2x teleconverter and maybe a speed light. Looks like a great idea and kickstarter project. Love the video.

  36. I’ve been struggling to find a great camera bag since 1983… and this looks like a total winner. My bag will be thrilled to contain a Panasonic GH4 and exactly the primes and zooms I’ve always wanted to carry without struggle and strife. Looks like there’ll even be room for my Moleskine and pens—can’t wait! 😀

  37. For the bag would cozy in my OMD w/pro lense and spare battery. Would also have angry birds and tic tac mints to occupy my 5yr old twins out with me. Looks like very thought out system. could double as attaché` for work. -Ted

  38. I’d love to have a bag in which I could easily always have my D600 with me. I do like to keep my 70-200 with me often, so this could be a sweet bag to do that. Hope I can make it to Chicago tomorrow!

  39. I’d carry my work computer and my new a7II and I’d have the best of both worlds

  40. Finally, the perfect bag … and just when my current messenger has become too small for my growing list of gear. What would I put in there? Whatever I needed for the task at hand. I’m a Pentax guy (K-3) so that body would be the start, followed by a selection of lenses from the tiny 21mm pancake to the Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 that I will own by the time I get the bag. Just love the potential flexibility of the Everyday Messenger to handle either/or while not wasting space or creating unnecessary bulk whichever way I go. My little Sirui T-025x travel tripod will even fit in there – I checked. Good on you Trey and Peak Design for pushing the boundaries.

  41. My camera gear would love to own this bag!!! My gear is sick of compromising bags which don’t really cut the mustard, this looks like it is the bag to own. I would carry my Canon 5DMKII with 24-105mm, 50mm hopefully space for a 70-200 also. Also the usual spare batteries, memory cards, cloths etc. not forgetting iPhone, wallet, passport.

    Great work guys, keep it up.

    Andy Higgins
    United Kingdom

  42. This bag looks pretty epic! I love that it’s a great camera bag, but also love how good looking it is and how versatile. I’d of course pack my 60D, 70-200, 17-55, 100mm macro and other gear when travelling, but I think the bag would get the most use from every day use. People who are really into knives use the term EDC of Every-Day-Carry to talk about the knife they don’t leave home without. This bag could easily become my every-day-carrier bag. Cheers!

  43. Camera bag looks excellent, congrats to Trey and the Peak Design team on the new product. If I get one I will put my camera gear (A7II and lenses) plus my other everyday stuff (iPhone, iPad, headphones, notepad+pen, etc..) It looks like this bag will be much more comfortable to carry everyday than my current one. Would love to take one for a spin.

  44. Great talk, thanks Frederick for all you do! I would love to join on one of those photo walks. I love the versatility of this bag and would really love to have one. So if I had this bag, I would carry a D810, the new 24-70E VR that Nikon just announced, two SB-910 speedlites, collapsable gray card, batteries and all the other little nicknacks, some snacks, a good book from Tom Robbins, diapers, a toy or two, and snacks for my 1 year old son (Who LOVES getting his picture taken)

  45. I would love to attach my Capture on this bag! it would be my first Messenger style bag. /
    I would use this bag to carry my 5DMk3, 24-105 f4, macbook pro, my ipad, and other accessories!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Kang James

  46. This Peak Design bag looks like a keeper. A handle and a top zipper are the features I find a hard time finding in a camera bag.

  47. I will love to get this messenger bag, it´s very good looking bag. I will for now fill it with my Canon 70D body, plus lenses, but hopefulley I will soon sell that an buy some new Lumix equipment (GX8), to match my Lumix GM1, so i only have one camera system. Otherwise I would also have Flash and Ipad fit into it.
    So it could be my one and only camera bag.

  48. This bag looks very interesting. I would put in my Olympus OMD-EM1 and my flash, rechargeable batteries and extra socks and underwear.

  49. Very cool. Trey’s got the pulse of what is cool in photography these days. Aside from my Olympus OMD-EM5, I’ll put my dreams, inspiration, and vision in there. I’m sure it has a section for those as well. 😉

  50. I’d carry my Nikon D810, and other stuff. I have a half dozen bags I’ve accumulated that have major flaws. This one gives me hope. And it sounds like a winner as a flight carry on for us camera toting travelers.

  51. Definitely a versatile bag! I would carry my Canon 5d Mkiii + Canon/Sigma Art lenses and Sony A6000 + other gadgets for every day use!

  52. This bag suits me well, my Canon 5D Mk III would find a cool place to live, along side with Canon EF24-70 MkII

  53. I’d know know if I posted in this one or not, but I’d put my mirrorless Olympus gear in it. It would make a nice carry on on planes too.

  54. First I’d fill it with my hopes, dreams and aspirations. Then I’d throw in the emotional baggage I’ve been dragging behind me for far too long (Good thing the bag is expandable!).

  55. On my next nature hike I could carry my camera gear, water and lunch without my sandwich getting squished.

  56. Great interview. Love the extra detail on the design of this bag and the upcoming photowalk. This might be the one bag to hold my Fuji-X system of two bodies, six to seven lens, flash, laptop, and chargers — and still fit under the seat on plane flights

  57. Love the design of the bag.
    Would use it for carrying my Canon 7D and lenses but also in daily life for my notebook and other work stuff.

  58. I would use this bag to carry all my Hopes and Dreams and it could expand as they expand!! I’ve recently switched from a full Nikon DSLR set up to Sony Mirrorless – but i’m still occasionally using both systems so this bag’s versatility is perfect! I use four bags due to the differences in amounts of gear i use so a bag that expands and contracts is a very great idea! Love the clip to carry the camera on the Outside, awesome! Thank you for thinking of us!! 🙂

  59. I would use the bag to carry my OMD-M5, four lenses, flash, cables, filters, batteries, hoods, and everthing else that usually gets left behind because of my small bag.

  60. I would put my lipstick, mascarra, my phone, and all the other girl things in this bag.. oh yes, and my little sony a6000 camera 🙂

  61. Besides my camera and equipment, I would want to have a little extra room for a S&W J Frame 38 and an extra 2 Jetloaders full of ammo, a small knife and my wallet. You asked!!!

  62. Congratulations to the team at Peak Design. You have great ideas and do a great job of building sensational, functional products. Would love to fill this bag with my Nikon D4 and assortment of lens and flashes!

  63. Hey I can”t find my comment anymore…? Is it out there or is it hidden in that giant bag?

  64. Amazing success for the Kickstarter campaign – awesome. I would love one of these bags for work on week days and my Sony mirrorless on the weekends!

  65. Great interview. I attended Trey’s photo walk in Chicago last night and it was a wonderful experience. So, I’m going to say that I would go Trey Ratcliff style and not only put photography gear in the bag but also use it as a microphone holder…though I’m not sure why I would need to carry around a microphone…

  66. My Canon DSLR, my extra lens and my ipad. along of the 100 other little things i have accumplated over the years.

  67. Second interview I’ve listened to today with Trey. I’d nestle my Sony a7ii and lenses in this bag if I am lucky enough to win.

  68. Wow, that really is a nifty little bag. I’d bring my sony a6000 with an adaptor and a couple canon lenses.

  69. Just did the Photo Walk in Chicago with Trey last night. Amazing experience. He’s just as nice and helpful in person. I would put in my Canon 60D and my various Canon lenses until I can upgrade to the Sony mirrorless a7r as well. Can’t wait to get more of Peak’s great gear too!

  70. I’m trying to resist becoming the Imelda Marcos of bags, but this one looks really cool. What I’d put in it is pretty standard (my D90, a few lenses, my Fuji X100s, my MacBook)…but it looks like it’ll expand enough to fit all of the souvenirs my son finds on our walks.

  71. Congrats on the great bag. With this bag I would throw in my OMD EM5 and panasonic gh4. Along with 17mm, 45mm and 75mm. Great bag 🙂

  72. The bag looks great I like the collapsable design. At the end of the this week I’m going to be picking myself up a fuji X-Pro-1, in 2015! I know go figure! I think that’ll sit nicely in one of Trey’s bags.

  73. Nice looking bag – I’d put in my 5D MkIII, a couple lenses, some gadgets and way too many cables.

  74. It sounds like this bag is best ever. I can probably fit my Canon gear and my Volvo V70 into for my travels to South Africa and India for my searches of big cats.

  75. That’s a very spiffy design. I would put my new Canon 5D III, 24-105 & 50 lenses. Canon 600 Ex-Rt Flash & trigger. My wallet, iPad. I will find stuff to put in it just to fill every nook & cranny. The bag doesn’t look like a camera bag, so it’s not very intimidating. My camera backpack is too bulky. I love the sleek design of the everyday messenger. 🙂

  76. I’d put my Sony NEX7, lenses and flash in it. I prefer messenger bags rather than backpacks.

  77. I would put my Sony Camera and my Laptop in the bag. Looks very cool! I was at the Photowalk in Chicago with Trey – It was a Great time! 🙂

  78. I would put my Canon camera and laptop in the bag. I wish there was a Photowalk coming to the Kansas City area.

  79. I would have my mirroless camera and a few lenses .. and proberbly a lot of other stuff I need during the day

  80. I would put my Nikon and a few lenses in the bag… and of course, I would have my peak design slide strap attached to the camera!

  81. Getting all the right gear in this rugged bag for the day will be awesome, and it looks like at the end of the long day it would be soft enough to lay my head down on for a nights rest! Folding dividers are genius!

  82. The bag looks awesome, and really versatile. At last a messenger bag for a lot of situations.

    On Mondays and Wednesdays I have French class, so I would take my books, dictionary and notebook in it. Tuesdays is my long day at work, so I would put my lunchbox, fruit, etc. Thursdays and Fridays morning I need to take care of my 2 year old baby, so it’s impossible to say how convenient it looks like for all the things I need to carry with me.

    On Saturdays and Sundays my mirrorless stuff would fit nicely in there: OMD EM5, along with 12mm, 25mm, 45mm and 75-300m. Plus ND filter and polarizer, brush, iPad Air, cables, battery, you name it! Congrats on the design, keep up the good work! 🙂

  83. Bag looks fantastic…what would I put in it? My camera equipment of course! Pick me! Pick me!

  84. I would put my Olympus OMD-EM1, 40-150 lens, 12-40 lens, 60mm macro, 75mm lens, the plans of the Death Star I got from a Bothan spy, and a copy of Henry Jones’ Grail diary. Yup that should do it……….

  85. If I were to win the Everyday Messenger I would put my OMD-EM-10 and the couple lenses I have. Probably add my tablet as well.
    Crossing my fingers!

  86. A bag like this would be my everyday bag, with my Ipad, sunglasses, a bottle of water, a few snickers bars and my handy lumix gx7 along with 3-4 lenses and a few batteries, all safely tucked away and organized 🙂 would really love a bag like this!

  87. I’d have to shove my Sony a77 and a few lenses into this bag if I could get my hands on one!

  88. I love well-designed products! I’d fill it with my Nikon D7100, Sigma 18-35 lens, water bottle, iPad, iPhone, jacket for San Francisco fog, sunglasses, hat & everthing else I usually put in my purse.

  89. I would use this beautiful bag to tote around my beloved Fujis, and the full compliment of things I need to keep my two year old clean, fed, entertained, clean, and happy!

  90. I would love to have this bag to put my new camera in and my iPad …it would be such an upgrade to my back pack.

  91. I’d put my Fuji X100S, Nikon V1 with 30-110mm, iPad, headphones and a waterbottle in it.
    Looks like a perfect bag for a day out.

  92. This bag looks like a ninja photo bag. Your able to get in swiftly, undetected, and get the job done. I would put my Nikon (APSC sized for the simi-stealthy look) with a few lenses, compact tripod, and some energy bars to keep me going.

  93. I would put my iPad , my sony A7 and my 70-200 lens in the bag wit a couple of spare batteries.

  94. I would put my Samsung NX 300’s and snacks for the kids who are usually in tow as well as an old Leica III F with film. ( I teach film photography to public school kids)

  95. This would be a great alternative to my old backpack. Just add the Canon gear, a few sketching supplies and it’s ready for an adventure.

  96. I need this bag in my life! Winning it would change my current crappy carrying situation of an old backpack to something slick and stylish as well as fully functional, and it would make an amazing birthday present for me!!

  97. Great interview with Trey! Love the bag, the design and how this bag took a life of its’ own. Met Trey in Dallas last week and had a blast at the photowalk. I would be honored to carry this amazing bag! And here’s a quick shot of Trey at the Dallas photowalk carrying his Everyday Messenger bag.

  98. This would be an awesome bag for my upcoming trip, to hold my camera (a Canon T3i), assorted lenses, spare batteries and such, and snacks of course

  99. I like to win things. I don’t usually win things but I think it would help me a bunch if I could say, “Honey, it’s ok, I won this”, rather than having to tell her how much it cost.

  100. Would LOVE to win this!! I have every other peak design goodie from kickstarter, but haven’t supported this yet. I have a few bags, and haven’t been able to justify this one. Yet.

  101. I LOVE Peak Design and would love to add this bag to my outfit. Would be perfect for me. Thanks Trey.

  102. I was very lovingly gifted a new lens, but it won’t fit in my current rather small bag. This new bag would be just right. Since I don’t live where any of the photo walks occurred winning the bag would be a great consolation prize.

  103. Was trying to win the bag in Miami…would still love to own one!!!! And just too poor right now to buy my own!!

  104. This is an awesome bag and would become my general use bag complete with tablet PC and Bluetooth keyboard, Panasonic GH4 and 45 & 25mm lenses. I currently use a simple satchel bag and it is starting to show the years and having a camera stuffed into to when it really is designed for thin things.

  105. What an awesome idea!! 😀 What would I put in this bag?? My Nikon d7100, Tokina 11-16, Panasonic GH4, Fresko thermos with lemon & ginger infusion, home made trail snacks for eating while taking long exposures 🙂

  106. I need a bag that will make it essay to go around the streets of DC with my essentials. I’d love to win this bag. It would be perfect for for my camera, wallet, and lenses and let me be mommy on the go as well if I need to. Absolutely perfect

  107. In my bag…. my Canon 7D with all the lenses, etc. and a water bottle for the brutal Louisiana summer shoots!

  108. way better than the bag I have now. how will it fare against hk humidity I wonder…
    I’d still love it though

  109. Saw this bag yesterday at Treys photo walk in Santa Monica. Loved the way it looked. If I were to win one I would hold my Canon 70D Nikon f3 and misc. Accessories. Woohooo

  110. I wish I could justify buying one, I love the flexibility of the bag, that doesn’t sacrifice an iota of style and generally clean, modern looks. I would love to have one of these in my life!

  111. Would love to win this and put my Canon dslr, a couple of lenses, my laptop, my gopro, extra tshirt for the humid days, a water bottle and some cool filters in it. It looks super fashionable and not at all like a regular camera bag!

  112. Meeting Trey in NY was a highlight of this year. A genuinely nice person. Rare these days. And I too would love to win the bag. It looks really nice in person and its lighter than it looks too.

  113. I’m currently on a round the world journey and I did tons of research of camera bags prior to my departure. I ended up with 3 different branded bags, left with one and still am not super happy with it. When Trey announced his new bag, I wish I had it from the beginning! This would absolutely suit my day to day and long-distance travel needs; carrying my laptop, canon 5DM3 (which may soon get replaced to follow in Trey’s footsteps with the mirror less route), 3 lenses, small camera and some accessories! It looks like it would be perfecto!! I’m a huge fan of Trey’s; started of my RTW journey with his NZ photography adventure in April (super amazing and absolutely unforgettable in every way!) I know this bag and I need to meet and join forces, real soon! It is meant to be! I hope we find each other….soon!

  114. While I have an excellent Tamrac rucksack for almost all my gear, that makes for an extremely heavy load. A bag like this, just to carry my D750 and three lenses, would be ideal as well.

  115. Sounds like *the* ideal camera bag, to have my DSLR with me in “every day life” situations.
    For special purposes there is allways the big one (Tamrac), but in some situations this versatile messenger bag would be just perfect.

  116. Did a photowalk with Trey in San Antonio. It was exciting to meet him as well as seeing the bag up close and personal. Very light and thin when empty. The best feature is the top zipper!

  117. Pledged this bag, then withdrew because I couldn’t quite justfy the expense… now I’ve pledged again and chosen a higher perk! Cannot wait to get my hand on this; my Lowepro messenger sucks! Hoping I’ll be able to drop my D750, a 70-200, 14-24 and a nifty-fifty… if not I’ll have a really nice camera bag 😉

  118. I’d love to win this bag! The thing I’ve noticed about these “what’s in my bag” videos from Trey, and other photographers, is they never show you things like food, lens cleaning materials, sanitary wipes or any of the other stuff we know they carry with them…

  119. Would really really love this bag. When I started photography I never expected to advance so quickly and now my crumpler bag is too small. Would love to win it as to pledge is quite expensive for me?

  120. Cool Bag, and what a great way to share. Your art, your passion and now your style. Thank you Trey.

  121. Awesome bag….great design….be honored if it held my old school Nikon gear…..

  122. I’m just SO ready to love my camera bag. I have enough in my garage to start my own store!

  123. In my bag I would put my Canon 7D (of course), my tripod, my glasses, phone, 50mm lens, wallet, extra memory cards, my makeup and probably so much more! It would be my purse/camera bag. My chiropractors might become upset because the bag would be heavy and it would probably hurt my back but, it would be worth it. 🙂

  124. I really enjoyed being a part of the Santa Monica photowalk with Trey. Seeing the bag first hand I realized the quality and workmanship put into it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  125. Got a little hands-on with a few of these bags at the Phoenix photowalk. Definitely a very cool bag – Much different approach then everything out there.

  126. This is really exciting .. Just the other day I saw the video for the Everyday Messenger bag. And instantly fell in love with it. And today I see Trey giving it away.. Yippeeee.. I think it will be perfect for my NikonD600 .. Would love to win it. 🙂

  127. Looks like a fabulous bag that really works. Love a lot of the design idea’s that Trey has put into this. I have a couple different bags and neither work for everything.

  128. I would load in first with lunch and a cool beverage, Then my Sony a7ii, 70-200 and a 50mm. A hungry photographer is not good! Thanks for the review and look forward to seeing this bag in the field.

  129. During Chicago Photowalk with Trey we could see the bag! It is awesome! Design by the “man” who knows what he needs for his cameras….:-)

  130. I would put my camera gear and all my stuff for collage in the bag. Kind of desperate for a new bag, as my current carrying setup is a plastic bag from the local food store (which is ideal for my student economy, but not for my gear…) Thanks to ThisWeekInPhoto for the opportunity to win the bag!

  131. Wow, what would I put in this bag… What wouldn’t I put in this bag. I completely plan on using it as my everyday carry bag.
    Apart from my meagre camera gear I would also throw in my Instax Share and my Midori Traveler’s notebook because I like to print out small copies of my photos and stick them in the notebook while I’m on the go.

  132. I love the flexibility of this bag. Especially fitting into the Peak Design system of Capture clips, Sling straps and Clutch. I’ve always wanted a bag that can leave me the flexibility of including/carrying other stuff in addition to camera gear. To this end the lens wraps are fantastic. Thank you Trey and Peak Designs.

  133. The origami design and the smartness that Trey and Peak Design built into the bag make it very functional for just about any photographer. It would be a great bag for my original OMD (OM-D E-M5)

  134. Going on a 12 month photowalk all over Canada next year. This bag would suit the purpose perfect. I would carry with me my Nikon camera, wide angle lens and a 50mm prime for some epic street hunts. Also love the fact that I can carry pictures of my family in one of the many secure pockets in the bag, so they’re always with me! Good job guys!

  135. Hey all! This thread and give-away are now closed. Thanks everyone for commenting! I’ll be selecting the winners (using, in a recorded YouTube video within the next day or so. Good luck everyone!

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