The Photograph as Haiku, with MH Rubin

As a photographer and educator based in Santa Fe, NM, Rubin has spent over four decades studying and shooting photographs, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the medium. Rubin's distinguished career has seen him work with some of the biggest names in the creative technology space, including Lucasfilm, Netflix, and Adobe.

MH Rubin's headshot
MH Rubin

Beyond his work in the commercial world, Rubin is also an accomplished author, having written a dozen books, including “Droidmaker,” the definitive history of Lucasfilm and Pixar. However, Rubin's most recent work, “The Photograph as Haiku,” explores the intersection between photography and haiku, arguing that the two art forms share a deep connection in their ability to convey complex emotions and ideas through simplicity and economy of form.

As a young protégé of the legendary photographer Jerry Uelsmann, Rubin has spent his entire career exploring the creative potential of photography. In this interview, we will delve deeper into Rubin's philosophy of using haiku as an innovative tool in photography, exploring how this approach can help photographers to create more meaningful and impactful images.

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