ARETHA COOL: A Decade with The Queen of Soul

In this exclusive interview, renowned photographer Matthew Jordan Smith shares his experiences photographing the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, as he discusses his latest book “Aretha Cool.”

Aretha Cool covers the multimedia journey of renowned photographer Matthew Jordan Smith's friendship with Aretha Franklin. It includes his fine-art photography and an audio commentary featuring iconic and never-before-seen images of the legendary singer. The book and his narrations are a touching tribute to the Queen of Soul. They celebrate her extraordinary life during the last years of her career.

Aretha Cool Book
Aretha Cool
Aretha Franklin and Matthew Jordan Smith
©Matthew Jordan Smith

Through a narrated series of photographs, Matthew takes us on a journey through his creative process and the memorable moments he shared with the legendary artist. From capturing intimate portraits to candid shots, Matthew's images showcase the iconic singer's personality, elegance, and style.

In this conversation, Matthew shares the inspiration behind the book, the challenges he faced while working with such a powerful personality, and the impact Aretha Franklin had on his life and career. He also offers valuable insights into the art of photography, the importance of storytelling, and the significance of capturing moments that evoke emotions.

Whether you're a fan of Aretha Franklin or a photography enthusiast, this interview is a must-watch. Join us as we delve into the creative mind of Matthew Jordan Smith and explore the life and legacy of one of the greatest singers of all time through his lens.

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