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The Candid Frame 301 – Juan Jose Reyes

Juan Jose Reyes is an avid street photographer who helped to found the Miami Street Photography Festival held every year in December. The MSPF© is an international photography festival  showcasing the b...
photo: Take Kato

The Candid Frame 294 – Take Kayo

Take Kayo is a Vancouver based street photographer and camera reviewer. Starting his career in photography as a weekend warrior wedding, commercial and sports photographer in the mid 1990's, Take worked for...
photo: Michelle Rick

The Candid Frame 290 – Michelle Rick

There are different stories about what leads a person to pick up a camera to do more than just making snapshots. Some of these stories begin high school course, or when they have their first child or when t...
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TWiP Talks 21: Street Focus with Valerie Jardin

After working as a commercial photographer for 15 years, French photographer Valérie Jardin is now living the dream and only shoots for the love of the craft. She does what she loves most by educating others while leading international photo workshops, mentoring, speaking and writing. She also hosts her very own (and very popular) podcast, Street Focus — on the TWiP network.
photo: Roderick Lyons

TCF 289 – Roderick Lyons

Roderick Lyons began his journey as a photographer while serving in Vietnam as a member of the Air Force. However, his desire to be a creative person and have unique experiences was born his his early years...
©Gordon Lewis

Street Focus 46 – Defining Style with Gordon Lewis

In this new episode of Street Focus, I sit down with photographer and author Gordon Lewis as we discuss the topic of defining a style in street photography, which is the topic of one of the chapters of his book: Street Photography: The Art of Capturing the Candid Moment
photo: Matt Sweeney

The Candid Frame 284 – Matt Sweeney

Hollywood is a town that has been defined more by its myths than its realities. It's a town built on fiction and endless aspirations. So, photographs that are free from the influence of publicists and market...
photo: Blake Andrews

The Candid Frame 273 – Blake Andrews

Blake Andrews is a street photographer who is also a member of the street photography collective, In-Public. Based in the American Northwest, his individual photographs and photo projects try to move beyond gen...

TWiP 406 – I Villain, I Photographer

Priime is the latest mobile photo editing kid on the block but is it the best one out there? Plus Arkansas proposes privacy legislation that could kill street photography & Amazon offers unlimited photo storage for just $12 per year.
photo: Matt Stuart

The Candid Frame 271 – Matt Stuart

Born in 1974, Matt Stuart was raised in the leafy suburbs of Harrow, North West London. He admits to a less than distinguished school career, but was called upon aged 11 to play a trumpet solo in front of the...
photo: John Free

The Candid Frame 270 – John Free

John Free is a social documentary/street photographer who lives in Los Angeles. His photographic essays have ranged from railroad tramps in California to automobile abstracts to Paris street life. John has b...
photo: Andrew Tomasino

The Candid Frame 269 – Andrew Tomasino

Andrew Tomasino is a portrait and street photographer who often crosses the lines between both bodies of work, creating interesting narratives within the world he sees. His ongoing personal project, "Queen Ci...