Street Focus 14: Q&A and Street Challenge

Episode 14: Q&A, Street Challenge and Pick of the Week

I am pleased to have a special guest host this week, and that's my friend Marco Larousse from Hamburg Germany. Let me know how you like the new Q&A show format.

And winners of the ‘Looking In' challenge are…

Marco selected an image submitted by George Taylor aka. Gatville, from Rottingham in the UK.

©George Taylor
Valerie selected an image submitted by Olaf Karwisch.
©Olaf Karwisch
©Olaf Karwisch

Congratulations! George and Olaf will both receive a title of their choice by our friends at Rocky Nook Publishing.

Q&A Segment:

This week we answer questions sent by Elliott McCrory and Alice about finding inspiration to photograph the same streets without being able to travel to exciting locations. And how to make the decision on which shots to keep in a series of similar images.

New Street Challenge: Shadows!

Harsh light can provide the most creative and dramatic street photography. Go out there with your camera and capture some interesting shadows. One entry per person please. Images best if resized approx. 800 px. wide.

The contest closes on January 8th. Have fun!

Pick of the week:

Marco's picks: The Lenka B&W App and the book Street Photography Now by S. Howarth and S. McLaren

Valerie's pick: Photography as Meditation by Torsten Hoffmann

Special Announcements

To see what Marco is doing, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @hamburgCam

The 2015 photo workshops are filling up quickly, see the last few spots left on Valerie's website. I hope to meet some of you in 2015!

Don't forget to check out the new Critique category in the Street Focus Community Page on Google+.


Below are samples of ‘Shadows' for inspiration by Valerie Jardin and Marco Larousse.

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  1. This shot was a total accident but I Love it. I was actually trying to get a shot of the person whom the shadow belonged to by shooting from the hip, but I totally missed and instead got this. I realise most people here like B&W but I really like the colours in this and think they add to the overall feel of the image.

  2. The East/West streets in Washington, DC are wonderful for shadow and light photography. The trick is to be there when the sun is breaking over the buildings and being patient enough to wait through traffic lights and uninteresting people until you get what you’re looking for. Sometimes it all falls into place as it did in this image.

  3. From my visit to Paris three weeks ago. In front of the Gare de Lyon, light streaming between the buildings.

  4. shadows this morning. just about the shortest day of the year makes for pretty good angles in NYC

  5. Weather here has been rainy with no end in sight. I realize this tabletop creation does not qualify for the Shadows Street Challenge but thought some might enjoy it.

  6. Hello.
    I took this picture in Spain a few days before the podcast went live.
    You can see more of my work at
    I want to thanks Valerie and Frederick for they work on this network.

  7. Here are a couple to add to the competition, I really like shooting for shadows and trying to experiment with getting different perspectives on them and using my own.

  8. A shot I titled Maleficent. I took this shot during the annual Brouhaha festival in Liverpool in summer 2014.

  9. Entry for shadows challenge. Taken in Hue, Vietnam as a friend snapped the gentleman directly.

  10. Entry for the Shadows Challenge. Walking in the Shadows at Bru Na Boinne New Grange Ireland

  11. “Return to the Circle”, Vienna 2014
    Since there was virtually no sun visible in the last two weeks I had to go back to an older shot.

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