Street Focus 104: Q&A and Goodbye

[alert type=green ]ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbye! This is my last show as the host of Street Focus and it's been an amazing experience! I am starting a new adventure with my very own podcast Hit The Street with Valerie Jardin ~ A Photography Podcast which will start airing on Sept 22. THANK YOU to all of you for listening to me on Street Focus for 104 episodes![/alert]

This week on Street Focus my good friend and photographer Ian MacDonald helps me answer a few questions  about mirrorless technology, how to prevent photo theft and what photography resources we recommend for inspiration. The questions were submitted by Lee and Clovis Rosa.

Visit Ian’s Website, following him on Twitter: @IanMPhotography or Instagram: ianmacdonaldphotography

And The Winners are:

The last challenge was the Smile of a Stranger. Congratulations  to Maayan Porat and Hans Eckardt. They will each receive a book from our friends at Rocky Nook


Photo by Maayan Porat
Photo by Maayan Porat


photo by Hans Eckardt
photo by Hans Eckardt

Our Picks of The Week

Ian's pick: Chase Jarvis Live

Valerie's pick: In No Great Hurry a documentary about Saul Leiter


  1. It’s been a wonderful journey around the world with you over the last two years / 104 episodes. Thank you for the great memories Valerie! I’m looking forward to following your new adventures 🙂

  2. Wow! What a shock…
    The end of one era and, we all hope, the start of the next. Many thanks, Valerie, for all the inspiration of the past 104 episodes, and also to Frederick for bringing this to us in the first place. We wish you all the best for your new venture – we’ll be there!!!

    1. Thanks Mark, sorry for the shock. But no interruption in the Thursday routine if you can still put up with my French accent on Hit the Streets! 😉

  3. Thank you Valerie. It has been great listening to a unique voice drawing me into this subject. Hope Fredrick has another host and thus, we gain an EXTRA photography podcast from another perspective. WIN WIN for listeners!

  4. I have so enjoyed your enthusiasm and love of photography and can’t wait to hear how you send it out to the world under your own brand! Best of luck and I will be listening!

  5. THANK YOU !!! So appreciated your podcasts on TWIP !!! Super informative and inspirational !!! But definitely will be following you under “Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin”. Thanks to TWIP for introducing Valerie to us listeners.

  6. Thank you for the very enjoyable podcasts! I have an x100T and always was happy when it became a topic of conversation on Street Focus. I look forward to following your new show and wish you continued success!

  7. Thanks for a great podcast series, Valerie. I’ve really enjoyed the guests and your enthusiasm. I’ve learnt a great deal about street and photography in general. I look forward to your new project and wish you all the best with it.

  8. Hi Valerie, thanks so much for your ‘Street Focus’ podcasts and it’s a major effort to get to 104 podcasts without missing a week. Congrats. Your podcasts have been very informative and you explain photography aspects very well. I particularly enjoy your Q&A as well as your Street Tips. I will be keen to listen to your new podcast ‘Hit the Streets’. Keep up the great effort and I hope you get down to Sydney in the near future.

    1. Thanks Jeff. My new show has been a bit hit so far, hope you join in! Keep an eye open for the rebirth of Street Focus in the future as well!