Street Focus 101: Through Our Eyes Project with Jason Williamson

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About the Project: The Through Our Eyes Project hands out cameras to people who are living on the street, in a local shelter or are otherwise affected by homelessness. Unlike any project before, the homeless in communities will have an integralThroughOurEyes_MainLogo_FullColor-01 hand in helping expose the issue of homelessness rather than merely being the problem that others are trying to solve. Through Our Eyes Project is bigger than a social experiment. It's greater than an art piece. It's more important than an outreach. This project is a lifeline. The photographers will be equipped with a tool to tell their story. They will be encouraged through a word of hope. The community will be engaged to support those who work with the homeless and proceeds will help fund homeless ministries. The cameras are disposable, but the people behind them are not.

About Jason: Jason Williamson is a pastor in Spartanburg, South Carolina. After studying photography at Winthrop University, Jason worked in digital advertising sales for 10 years prior to transitioning to a career in ministry. Going on an international mission trip to a megacity in Asia changed his perspective on how he should be living his life as a Christian. Photography has been one of his passions for nearly 18 years and has become a critical tool for his ministry work as it tells stories, captures events and rethinks the role of the arts in missions and ministry.

Jason travels around the world as part of his ministry and enjoys street photography, abstracts and making ugly or disinteresting things look beautiful for people to see in a new way. He loves his wife and two children, listening to music, watching documentaries, and enabling others to use their gifts and talents to do great things.


  1. Very Powerful Episode. Thank you Valerie for continuing to bring this compelling content to my life episode after episode. Your efforts are very much appreciated…