Street Focus 17: Q&A and Street Challenge

Episode 17: Q&A, Street Challenge and Pick of the Week

I am pleased to have another special guest host this week, and that's Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard from Switzerland.

And winners of the ‘Shadows' challenge are…

Thomas selected an image submitted by ‘Guest'…. Whoever you are, please contact me via this link to receive your ebook!

Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown

Valerie selected an image submitted by Richard Cooke. This image was shot at Gare de Lyon in Paris. To see more of Richard's work, check out his website.

©Richard Cooke
©Richard Cooke

Congratulations! They will both receive a title of their choice by our friends at Rocky Nook Publishing.

Q&A Segment:

This week we answer questions sent by Levi Shand and Lee Alexander about who inspires us in our photography and whether or not to ask for a model release when shooting street photography.

New Street Challenge: Eye Contact

Thomas masters the technique, watch the following videos before you go out and try it! You can also post a recent image. One entry per person please. Images upload best if resized approx. 800 px. wide.

The contest closes on January 29th. Have fun!

Pick of the week:

Thomas' pick: Video: BBC Imagine (2013) Vivian Maier – Who Took Nanny's Pictures

Valerie's pick: Lance camera wrist strap and the Gordy's Camera Strap

Special Announcements 

To see what Thomas is doing, visit his website.

To see what's happening in Valerie's world, visit her website.

Don't forget to join the Street Focus Community Page on Google+.

Eye Contact

Below are samples by Thomas Leuthard for inspiration .

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  1. Great show! Thomas was a great co-host and a real wealth of information. The new challenge is a good one. I’m looking forward to it.

    1. What a great show, I learned so much! Where do I need to upload my image for the eye contact competition please?

    2. Thank you Angelique, glad you are enjoying the show. Thank you Jingles for clarifying the upload procedure!

  2. I really like this kind of eye contact, candid, street portrait. I shot this one last week with my x100s. Doorways are great places to catch this as people are transitioning from one area to another. People generally do a quick look around as they enter a new area.

  3. Eye Contact; Istanbul, Turkey. Turkish tea is very famous and commonly drink. This is a normal sight seen in streets of Istanbul.

  4. Eye Contact on the Vaporatto in Venice. Originally I had titled this image “Blue Denim” because coincidentally everyone in this random shot is wearing blue denim.

  5. I hope it is OK to post two pictures.

    #1 is from the indoor farmers market. I like the matching hats. I was just as was about to click, when she looked up and spotted me.

    #2 is an older picture. One of my favorites. For some reason I am drawn to photograph smokers. When I saw the young lady I was behind her. As I walked around to her right side I was taking pictures. When I got into a good position she spotted me. There is a lot going on, Recently lighting her cigarette, she is trying to put her coat on. Then she saw me and started to smile and keep the cigarette in her mouth at the same time 🙂


    Monty Montgomery

  6. I shot this on the streets of San Francisco. I love the eyes of the main subject and the blurred out stare of his companion adds a touch of color.

  7. Shot with the iPhone6 in self-timer mode. I rested the iPhone on the table so as to not appear to be taking a photo of the gentleman. I could have cropped the “tray trash” out but thought it may add to the photo in some way.

  8. on the subway the children managed to see the guy with the camera. Don’t usually take unsolicited pictures of children but I could not resist

  9. When I was standing quite close to the girl, who was trying to capture a selfie of her and her friend, she suddenly looked up. Because I was in China, I knew that if you smile to a chinese, she will smile back. So she did and I got my Picture… 🙂

  10. I took this in Minneapolis, MN during a weekend photo workshop. Had to play it cool and act like I was taking photos of the street itself.

  11. Sorry, I deleted my previous post. I found a better one. 😉 This is from a day walking around Paris and stumbling upon one of their many parks.

  12. I have been following Thomas for a while and I have been using this technique ever since I saw his video. I was standing really near to this lady, and took the photo at the moment she saw me. Then I turned round and left. The eyes are the window to the soul…

  13. I noticed the man on the right staring at the two women at a nearby table and decided to shoot the image. As I raised the camera to my eye one of the women looked at me – and nicely completed the loop! (Me looking at him, looking at her, looking at me) So I’ve called it “The look”.

  14. Its funny how long it sometimes take until people recognize you. I stood there for about one minute until she finally looked up.

  15. Entry for Eye Contact challenge. This man was a security guard. Yes even coffee shops have them in Saigon. Taken in 2014.

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