Street Focus 25 – 24 Hours in the Streets of London with Alastair Arthur

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Alastair Arthur
Alastair Arthur

Photographer Alastair Arthur tells us about his experience roaming the streets of London for 24 hours with his camera.

Alastair is a portrait and headshot photographer, originally from England and currently based in Paris. His work is mostly commonly about individuals, hinting at their stories either in isolation or in interaction with the urban environment. He plans to do a 24-hour walk in Paris soon. He provides local workshops and private tuition and is the author of The Photographer's Guide to Paris. He is also a trustee with anti-slavery organisation Unseen. You can follow his work and projects on his site at




Photographs from Alastair's 24 hour project in the streets of London:


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  1. Another great episode! I love the 24 hour concept and your suggestion of imposing a 1 photo per hour limitation. I’d add another: to shoot it on a single roll of film! :). That would let you leave all of those Fuji batteries at home! I may give it a shot myself once NY City warms a bit. Thanks Valerie!

  2. I enjoy all of the TWIP podcasts, but especially yours, Valerie! I just purchased a Fuji X-T1 (moving from Canon 60D DSLR), Can’t wait to “hit the streets” with it. I also liked the 24 hours of shooting idea. I plan to suggest it to a couple of local friends in the Boston area!

    1. Thank you Dave!! I’m make sure Frederick sees this comment 🙂
      You won’t be disappointed with the X-T1, especially in full silent mode.
      Have fun with the project and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

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