Street Focus 30: Street Legal with The Copyright Zone Guys

Street Focus 30: Street Legal with The Copyright Zone Guys

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A few weeks ago I asked you, the listeners, to post questions related to some legal aspects of street photography in the G+ Street Focus community. Today I am pleased to have the guys at The Copyright zone, photographer Jack Reznicki and trial lawyer Ed Greenberg on the show today. After discussing briefly the Arkansas SB 79 “Personal Rights Protection Act”, we delved into questions regarding overzealous security guards and law enforcement officers confronting photographers in public spaces. We talked about the importance of copyrighting your images, how to handle model releases, and much more!

Please visit The Copyright Zone and a special blog post written for this episode of Street Focus. And don’t forget to get your copy of the book, which should be on  every photographer’s bookshelf, no matter which genre of photography they shoot. And don’t forget to visit Jack’s website so check out his beautiful photography.

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