Street Photography Assignments, with Valérie Jardin!

In this episode, it's a long-overdue catch-up chat with my friend Valérie Jardin! We take a deep dive into Valerie's perspective and personal dogma as it pertains to Street Photography. You'll also learn why she thinks “Street Photography” is a misleading term!

About Valérie

Valérie Jardin is a French photographer, currently residing in the United States. She is self-taught and worked for several years as a commercial photographer. Today, Valérie is known internationally through her workshops. When she is not teaching others the art of visual storytelling, Valérie is a prolific author, a speaker, and a podcast producer of the bi-weekly show Hit The Streets with Valérie Jardin. She is also an official X-Photographer for Fujifilm USA. She lives and breathes in pixels.


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