TWiP 479: Smoke & Mirrors

Rumors are heating up about a new camera that may be coming out of the Canon DSLR machine. Plus GoPro is now shipping its 360 degree Omni VR rig and VSCO opens a free-to-use studio in New York City.

Canon G7X II Review

The Canon Powershot G7X II is the latest in a somewhat confusing line of compact cameras, most of which are based on the same 1" sensor. Compared to the low-end G9X, the G7X II adds a touch & tilt rear ...

TWiP 475: Did You Yahoo?

Verizon buys Yahoo! for $4.83B. In this episode we discuss this latest page in silicon valley drama, and what this might mean for one of Yahoo’s most prized properties — Flickr. Plus, are digital displays coming to Canon lenses and confessions of an anonymous Victoria's Secret retoucher.

Canon EOS 80D Review

The Canon EOS 80D comes three years after the popular 70D, one of the company's most popular APS-C mid-range cameras. Among a crowded market of 24MP APS-C bodies, the 80D stands out for its video and Live View capabilities.

TWiP 453 – Hot New DSLRs!

Pentax K-1 has features not found in other dSLRs. And Canon announces the 80D, along with some new glass and accessories.

TWiP 449 – Presets! Good, Bad, or Lazy?

Photo agency Corbis has been sold by Bill Gates to Visual China Group. Plus Canon's new marketing experiment called the Lab & a discussion about presets. Are they good, bad, or lazy?

TWiP 441 – It’s a Grey Area

Is Samsung getting out of the camera business? Plus Canon goes after grey market camera dealers and Leica aims to take on the big guns of the photography world with it's newest camera.

TWiP 437 – Canon – Waiting to Exhale

Canon reports disappointing revenue & profits for Q3. Plus what does YouTube's new ad-free service mean for content creators? And VSCO releases a new GIF app called DSCO.

The Candid Frame 291 – Jaime Ibarra

Once you’ve made the decision to practice photography and after you’ve made the investment in a camera and software, well, that’s when the real challenge begins. The questions becomes how you get from being...

TWiP 426 – APS-C or APS See Ya!

This week, is Sony gearing up to take on Canon & Nikon by focusing on their full-frame mirrorless cameras? Plus Canon announces a camera that can see in the dark and Fuji goes infrared.

Canon 5DS

Nearly three years since the release of the popular 5D mk III, Canon has finally brought out the much-anticipated 50.6MP 5DS and 5DSR. Yes, these are the current leaders in the megapixel wars, beating out t...

Canon T6i/750D and T6s/760D

Gordon and Doug look at two new Canon cameras: the Rebel T6i and T6s, also known as the 750D and 760D, respectively. (Yeah, it's confusing.) The original Rebel was the first under-$1,000 DSLR and now booste...

The Candid Frame 278 – Doug Hyun

Doug Hyun has made a career of making great still photographs for some of the best television and motion picture productions including Spiderman, Deadwood, Carnival, Six-Feet Under, Nip/Tuck and Curb Your E...
Canon EOS M3

Canon EOS M3

Did you know Canon has a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera? Well, they do, but not in the U.S. The Canon EOS M3 follows the original "M" launched in 2012 and updated to the M2 a year ago. The new EOS M...

Canon 7D Mark II

To say that this upgrade to Canon’s popular 7D has been “long anticipated” would be an understatement. It’s been a long five years since Canon announced the original. Frederick and Doug ask, “Was it worth the wait?”

TWiP 370 – No Place to Hide

This week on TWiP, 4th Amendment doesn't apply to online storage, Canon & Microsoft sign patent agreement, and a restaurant in New York finds that smartphone photos have doubled table times since 2004.

TWiP 365 – 4K Ought to Be Enough for Anybody

Canon opens up its' cloud-based storage service Irista, Instagram rolls out new features, and what does 4K mean for photographers? Guest host Joseph Linaschke is joined by Dave Dugdale & Giulio Sciorio to discuss these topics and more.