TWiP #300 – This is Sparta!

Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Doug Kaye, Jeff Carrion and Darlene Hildebrandt

Episode Overview

This week on a very special 300th episode of TWiP, we're diving into several great stories including:

  • Canon's big vision: the small dslr
  • A photographer sues his subject
  • St. NIK comes early
  • and an inspiring, insightful and amusing interview with Jared Polin of

Doug Kaye, Jeff Carrion and Darlene Hildebrandt join Frederick to discuss these topics and lots more on this week's 300th episode of TWiP.

1. Canon's big vision: the petite dslr (11:10)

2. A photographer sues his subject (26:00)

3. Saint NIK comes early (36:20)

Picks of the Week

Doug: Dan Margulis' new book, Modern Photoshop Color Workflow – The Quartertone Quandary, the PPW, and Other Ideas for Speedy Image Enhancement ($64.95) along with version 3.0 of Dan's Picture Postcard Workflow plugin/panel for Photoshop (free).

Jeff: Free project template management software Post Haste. Automate your project management tasks.

Darlene: The Niagara School of Imaging

Frederick: That Nikon Guy – Matthew Granger's **Kickstarter Project “Private Bodies” **NSFW – NOTE: Not Suitable For Work.

Other Links Mentioned

Submit your photographs for “Critique of the Week”

Here are thumbnails of the images critiqued in this episode. The first photograph was made by Steve Brokaw, and the second by Denis Grenier. Click to link to larger images, and be sure to join the conversation and add in your comments about the photographs.

Be a part of This Week in Photo's newest segment. Post your best photo on the Google+ TWiP Community page and have the chance to be critiqued by the TWiP panel on an upcoming episode. Good luck!

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  1. Perhaps Google is trying to eliminate the plug-in competition. It is also possible that Google is trying to maximizes profits by lowering the price and greatly increasing the volume. Other companies will lower their price, optimize their process, greatly increase sales and make more profits. This will create a lot of happy customers and profitable companies.

  2. Congrats to FVJ & The TWIP army at large… looking forward to another 300… also.. Post Haste IS all that and a bag of chips… used it off/on for many years!

  3. BTW – FroKnows portion rocked! Oh.. and he switched.. WE got him! He went Canon… 🙂 but it comes down to the work…not just the equipment!

  4. Congrats on the 300th episode. Thankyou guys for all the great tips and photography news over the years.

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