TWiP 453 – Hot New DSLRs!

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TWiP Episode 453 – Hot New DSLRs!

If you’ve been listening to TWIP over the years you probably know how we feel about the relatively slow pace of innovation in the “mirrored” camera space… also known as the dSLR.

To reiterate, I personally LOVE Canon and Nikon, and I still own a bunch of Nikon gear, including many lenses and strobes. But now I primarily shoot Panasonic Lumix gear. Part of the reasoning is that the innovations and tools mirrorless technology gives me, “fits” better with the kind of media creation (stills, video, etc) that I enjoy.

Enter Pentax — a company that Ricoh acquired back in 2011 for $124 million dollars, has announced a brand new dSLR, with many features not found on any “mainstream” camera (mirrored, or mirrorless!).

Also Canon has refreshed its dSLR line-up with the 80D, as well as new glass and some accessories squarely aimed at video creation.

In this episode, Shiv Verma and Tim Engle join me to discuss these latest entrants into the DSLR space. Shiv shoots Lumix mirrorless, and Tim shoots Nikon DSLR. Their contrasting (and occasionally synchronous) opinions on the topic are very thought provoking.

Before we get started, we also wanted to let you know that Frederick is excited to be speaking at the Out of Chicago conference June 24­-26. For a limited time, they’re knocking $100 off the registration price if you use the code “twipchicago” when you sign up. Just head over to TWiP.Pro/OOC to see all the details. See you in the windy city!

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Frederick is excited to be speaking at the Out of Chicago conference June 24­-26. For a limited time, they’re knocking $100 off the registration price if you use the code “twipchicago” when you sign up. Just head over to TWiP.Pro/OOC to see all the details. See you in the windy city!

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  1. Although, i agree with probably 90% of what was said, there are a LARGE number of photographers out there shooting wildlife, sports and fashion and right now the consensus is that the mirrorless, although cutting edge, does not offer the FPS or autofocus needed to carry out what they do.

    As far as the 80D, the autofocus improvements and being able to use autofocus at f8 (forgot to mention that) is a huge benefit for wildlife and sports photographers out there. What this does for us, is give us the ability to use say a Canon 400 5.6 L and throw a 1.4 TC on it and still have autofocus in a much cheaper package than say the 7D Mark II or 1DX.

    I am, however, scratching my head on the obvious push for this camera to be used for video when they didn’t include 4K. I am not really much of a video shooter, so this isn’t important to me, but to many it would be.

    I always say this: Gear is not the most important thing, but increasing the probability of success is. In short, if I can use a TC with a lens even at f8 and that means taking home a great shot of a bird in flight or going home empty then it was a great feature.

    I can take my old Contax 35mm out in the field and probably get a great shot once in awhile, but why don’t I do that? My probability of success is too low.

  2. Great episode, guys! Yeah, I’m honestly disappointed with Canon and their business model of tiny incremental changes to their product lines (not to mention slow product cycles compared to the competition). I have both an older Canon DSLR (the 40D) and several lenses, but I made the jump into mirrorless with the Sony A6000. I’m not really excited about the 80D. It seems like a good camera, but for $1200? The A6000 is $450! And it can do all the same things and more (though I would bet the 80D is better at focusing…) And with the A6300, Sony has made some new innovations in terms of focusing system, adding in 4K video, etc. Where are the real upgrades from Canon?

    Also, look at the new announcement of Canon’s 1DX Mark II. That camera is $6000 (!!) and it doesn’t even have built-in wifi! In 2016!! I think Canon is clearly falling behind the times. It would be great to see them innovating in the mirrorless space or otherwise. For now, I guess I’ll just keep shooting Sony while my Canon gear collects dust 🙁

  3. I look forward to a discussion on who will be the King of The Hill for compacts. Nikon is releasing the DL series, which pretty much copies Sony RX100m4 except no ND filter. Even from these discussions I get a sense that Nikon is always maiming their newborns so that their older children thrive. If this is the case, why produce them? Smh

  4. To each his own when it comes to what gets you excited about new camera releases. We all shoot different things and therefore have different needs, but for Shiv to discount focus and low light performance as meaningless improvements is to discount the two most important reasons many of us won’t even consider a mirrorless system at this time.