TWiP 479: Smoke & Mirrors

Rumors are heating up about a new camera that may be coming out of the Canon DSLR machine. If the rumors are correct, the eagerly anticipated 5D Mark IV is set to replace its predecessor with innovative features like “Dual Pixel Raw”, a feature that may allow photographers to adjust focus in post.

Also, GoPro is now shipping its 360 degree 6-­Hero4 carrying omni­directional video rig, you might remember us talking about this product in a previous episode. Well, it’s available now… are you ready for it?

And VSCO announces the launch of its new Open Studio, a free-­to-­use studio space in New York City.

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  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Wow, wrong guests to talk about the 5d4

    • Rodrigo Acosta

      Well, I think they’re the perfect guest for this show because all I’ve been hearing for 2+ years is how the DSLR is dead in the wake of mirrorless. They say the features of the camera are “smoke and mirrors”, but if Panasonic or Sony would’ve come up with Dual Pixel AF or Dual Pixel Raw they would have called it innovation and genius.

      • No they wouldn’t have Rodrigo.

      • Rodrigo Acosta

        I guess that comment came out a little stronger than I intended. But I felt dissapointed that a lot of what I heard was how Canon is outdated and not innovating like Sony o others. I understand that it is not your preferred system and I can see why Panasonic is a better fit for you. But as a listener I feel that an objective opinion about these cameras is lost in the snark, don’t get me wrong, I like some snark (“smoke and mirrors” was a great pun BTW).

    • Hi Jeffry, that segment wasn’t intended to be a review. We’ll be reviewing the camera later, on other TWiP shows.

      • lvthunder

        What was it intended to be then? To me it seemed to be a lets bash dSLR’s again. I mean did you really expect Juan to say he was going to switch back after switching only a year ago.

  • Thanks for sharing! Great vidcast!

  • DanThePhotoMan

    I suggest waiting for a product to be announced before discussing specs!

    • Hi Dan, we’ll discuss the specs after the camera is announced and shipped as well. In fact, I’m sure we will be discussing this camera at length on a few of our shows.

  • lvthunder

    Cameras like the Canon 5D line should have a 4 years between models. It’s a $3500 camera. It should last that long. The dSLR market is mature enough no one needs or should want a new $3500 every year.

  • Hi, I have to partly disagree with Juan’s suggestion of aperture priority at an airshow. For fast moving jets, sure, it could work, but you certainly don’t want to use this on a plane with a propeller. Prop planes in flight, with props that are not moving/showing blur, look unnatural. You also need to have an understanding of different types of prop planes. A high performance aerobatic’s prop typically has a higher RPM than a B-25. Ride the shutter priority, usually 1/200 or less, and learn to pan/track. And using the AI Servo or whatever autofocus tracking mode, with a limited AF point expansion will probably yield more keepers. The exposure compensation a solid recommendation, and you could add a center weighted metering over full. Spot typically proves too narrow.