TWiP #280 – Instagram Stigmagram


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Doug Kaye and Dave Dugdale

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP:

  • Instagram, Facebook and Twitter look to add new features (8:50)
  • Nikon introduces the D5200 (25:40)
  • 2 new stabilized “L” lenses from Canon (42:10)

Doug Kaye and Dave Dugdale join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and a whole lot more on this week's episode of TWiP.

Doug: Learn to focus manually with LiveView w/zoom. Get a Hoodman Loupe Cinema Strap or LCDVF Viewfinder.

Dave: Canon had some sweet deals on refurbished cameras last week with low shutter counts. Dave just picked up a T3i/600D for $384 with only 1,800 shutter actuations.

Frederick: Google Search app for iOS

1. Dave Dugdale's course: Canon 650D T4i Getting Started in Video

2. Frederick's newest marketing course over at – Essential Web Marketing for Photographers (for $50 off, use the offer code TWiP)

3. Frederick's upcoming Brooks Institute workshop – The Amazing DIY Photo Workshop!

4. Frustration with NPS (Nikon Professional Services) – Trey Ratcliff post

5. 24-70 discussion:

6. More about the Red Epic from Dave Dugdale:

7. Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Interview with Jesse Deol

This week Frederick interviews model Jesse Deol. Get the perspective from the other side of the camera as Frederick and Jesse dive into the model mayhem. You can learn more about Jesse and all that she is up to by visiting her on facebook, twitter or at her blog.

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  1. I want to speak up in defense of the lower end Nikon cameras. This episode had a whole heap of claims about the D5200 that I’m fairly sure are simply not true. I have the D3100, so everything I say is from that perspective, but seeing as the D3x00 range is the absolute lowest in Nikon’s collection, I am assuming the D5200 isn’t missing anything the D3100 has: I’ve briefly looked over its features (and looked at pictures of its body), but I haven’t done an in-depth research of it.

    With that assumption in mind, “I don’t know that it’s a good camera for anyone that listens to this podcast”, like I just said, I have an even lower end one and I’m very happy with it. You guys frequently talk about how it’s like a point and shoot, and doesn’t have manual controls. The 5200, like my 3100, has a physical wheel to adjust shutter speed or aperture (just one, unfortunately, which is a real disadvantage), with another physical button to switch from shutter to aperture (in M), or to adjust exposure compensation (in A or S), depending on what mode you’re in. An fn button that realistically you’ll use as an ISO physical button, and also physical buttons to change flash mode and flash exposure compensation. There’s also a physical lever on mine (not the 5200, though) to switch between different drive modes: single shot, burst mode, timer, quiet shooting. This is a really great feature that virtually every higher end camera is missing. There’s no physical button to change focus or metering modes, or white balance, and there’s only one scrolling wheel, but other than that it has all the physical buttons you would expect from a professional camera.

    “Which you’re going to put into auto or programme mode, at best”, that is, quite frankly, utter BULL. I NEVER use anything other than S, A, or M modes, and there’s absolutely no problem with that, Doug’s talking about something he clearly has NO knowledge about. All four PSAM modes are on both these low end DSLRs, and they all work exactly as you would expect them to.

    Yes it is a consumer camera (I would argue pro-sumer), and it doesn’t have the same heft as a professional camera, it doesn’t have the same low light performance, fast shutter speeds, or image quality as the higher end cameras, and it’s missing a few other features, but it is not closer to a point and shoot than a DSLR, and it is no where near as lacking in features as Doug implied.

    I’m sorry at how heated this is, and I really didn’t mean to offend anyone, but this was grossly misreported and I feel it needed to be pointed out. To help mitigate all that, I’ll just point out that this really is a great podcast, I listen to it every week and I love it: keep up the great work!

  2. Regarding the sensor resolution on the D5200, take a look at the specs on the D3200 which is also a 24 MP APS-C camera. I have been using mine a lot, including a number of event and model shoots, and am very happy.

  3. I have an alternate portable backup solution.. your phone. Purchase a Micro USB OTG adapter (under $10), and you can use all sorts of usb devices on your phone, from keyboards, to game controllers. I have a 64GB microSD card in my Galaxy S3, with plenty of free space. So if you, like me, have an overabundance of space on your phone…

  4. Another great show Frederick. I was happy to hear Doug talk about his used equipment purchases. It reinforces my photo purchasing habit.

  5. I’d like to echo the comments made by “Zagorath”. I own a D3100 also. It’s definitely an entry-level DSLR, but it IS a DSLR, not a point-and-shoot, and neither is a D5200. And I haven’t used Auto or Program mode since I got this camera, preferring aperture or shutter priority instead.

    I’m just an amateur — photography is just a hobby for me. But I think it’s important to point out that the price tag and feature list of a person’s camera does NOT necessarily relate to how serious they are about photography. And, yes, folks like us DO listen to this show.

    (I’d also like to echo the comments about the show. It’s EXCELLENT. I listen every week, and I love it. Frederick is a terrific host and interviewer, and the guests are interesting and insightful. I’ve listened to many photography podcasts, and over time I’ve unsubscribed to all of them except this one. I look forward to it every week. Please keep up the great work.)

  6. I’m sorry Frederick, and no offense to Jesse as she is a lovely girl, but I you could have easily picked a much more accomplished, experienced and interesting model off of model mayhem to interview. This model’s portfolio is rate amateur, probably hindered by her claim that she does not work trade (tfp) with more experienced photographers. Her portfolio is littered with mediocre images obviously shot by gwc’s or wannabe pro photographers. But kudos to her for recommending that new models bring escorts and do their due diligence to shoots before they learn the ropes. Lots of creeps out there. And did I miss something or did she state she “claimed” the title of “Miss Bay Area” in a similar manner that I could claim the title “coolest dude on earth”. Sounded like she didn’t even compete for the title, just made it up and applied to try to compete for Miss California. Which she implied will air on NBC. No Jesse, Miss America will air on NBC, but you have to win Miss California first. Good luck with that though. Not that Trump’s pageant is anything but a vanity project for Trump and the contestants and is kind of seen a joke and just tabloid fodder now. Sorry to come down so hard, but I have listened to the show for years and you guys and gals generally do an awesome job with accomplished and compelling guests with tons of useful info. This one just fell flat. I think maybe Frederick just had a crush on her so he brought her on?

  7. I also did not like the model interview. I m glad I did not listen to this before I began working with MMmodels, I do not agree with the escort policy. I do agree with checking out the photogs work and being prepared. The issue of taking off cloths was very odd. I a certain Frederick has shot nudes as I have and the models for the most part are wonderful young women. I went to see her work but she has taken down her mm port and there are only a few shots of her so I can not comment on her talent but I have a feeling she is a very rank amateur. If you were thinking of hiring from mm, don,t let this interview be a guide.
    love the show however. Feel I have some friends I hear from each week