TWiP 378 – Apple Announces iPhone 6

Host: Frederick Van Johnson
Guests: Darlene Hildebrandt & Jeffrey Totaro

This week on TWiP…

  • Apple announces the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
  • Nikon set to release the D750, SB-500, and a new lens
  • Canon reveals the 7D Mark II

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  1. I get that the iphone is the industry standard, but if we want to talk about innovative camera phones lets not overlook the 1 inch sensor packed inside the new Panasonic CM1 android phone.

  2. Pre-ordered the D750. Upgrading from the D700. The flip screen, wi-fi, more megapixels, video, 25% lighter and not $3300. No interest in iPhone…still use my $9.00 tracfone.

  3. Another idea about the flash not firing from the camera, but from the test-button: If you happen to activate the electronic shutter, the flash will not fire. Make sure you have the mechanical shutter activated.

    1. Thanks for that Mario, great video. but that still seems like a ton of stuff to go through just to fake a credit card transaction at the point of sale. Further, I’d argue that plastic credit cards are still much less secure than Apple Pay and the fingerprint based two factor authentication. Time will tell!

    2. You may be right, Frederick. Credit cards aren’t that safe, either. I’ll stick to my debit card for everyday use as it is accepted almost everywhere here in Europe and offers better security than a credit card.

  4. I an seriously thinking about getting the LX100 as my walk around camera when I do a video shoot for iBook productions. The speed of the lens + 4k video at 100 mbps and wifi makes it a no brainer… as being the camera that sits on a hand held stabilizer or up on a jib…