The History of the Nikon vs. Canon Battle [Infographic]

The Canon vs. Nikon argument is up there with the best of them: Pepsi vs. Coke, Mac vs. PC, iOS vs. Android, Xbox vs. PS3 and the list goes on. Photographers are fiercely loyal to their gear and rightly so, considering the investment most photographers have in bodies, lenses and accessories.

But is one really better than the other? As with most brand battles, the answer is unclear. Photography blogger Ken Rockwell puts it into perspective:

Nikon and Canon are different, but just as good. Anyone who tries to tell you that one or the other is garbage isn’t paying attention, and most likely doesn’t have the other to sell you. Nikon and Canon compete so heavily against each other that if one really were better or worse they would have gone out of business long ago.

Read his article on Nikon vs. Canon here.

Regardless of your affiliation or your fixation, these two brands each offer incredible equipment. The infographic below examines their history, their recent sales and one camera comparison. While a matchup of the Canon Rebel T3i and a Nikon D3100 is hardly a representation of these two photographic behemoths, it does offer insight into the technology behind their success.

Click the infographic to view a larger version:

Canon vs. Nikon Infographic

Thanks to Digital Photography School for creating this infographic.

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