TWiP 426 – APS-C or APS See Ya!

TWiP 426 – APS-C or APS See Ya!

This week we discuss a rumor, from Mirrorless Rumors reported by The Korea Times, and then picked up by The PhoBlographer. The gist is that “recent activity suggests” Sony is focusing on its full­frame mirrorless cameras, the famed A7 line… in an effort to take on Canon and Nikon. And in other news… “recent activity suggests” water is wet.

Also, Canon recently announced a new full-frame camera that can see in the dark with the ability to capture full 1080p full color video at a maximum ISO of 4,000,000.

Joining Frederick to discuss the end of the APS-C sensor and Canon’s newest camera are Sean Bagshaw & Joseph Linaschke.

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