TWiP 426 – APS-C or APS See Ya!

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TWiP 426 – APS-C or APS See Ya!

This week we discuss a rumor, from Mirrorless Rumors reported by The Korea Times, and then picked up by The PhoBlographer. The gist is that “recent activity suggests” Sony is focusing on its full­frame mirrorless cameras, the famed A7 line… in an effort to take on Canon and Nikon. And in other news… “recent activity suggests” water is wet.

Also, Canon recently announced a new full-frame camera that can see in the dark with the ability to capture full 1080p full color video at a maximum ISO of 4,000,000.

Joining Frederick to discuss the end of the APS-C sensor and Canon’s newest camera are Sean Bagshaw & Joseph Linaschke.

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  1. I don’t think it will be the end of APS-C. Is Sony focusing more on FF? I absolutely believe so. In other news Fuji is rocking APS-C very well.

  2. A couple of interesting things to note on the iPhone billboard campaign. If you look closely, a lot of them have a disclaimer in small print stating that “image optimized for larger format.” I realize, of course, that all images are optimized to some degree, but still, sort of defeats the message. And I know here in New York, a lot of them are strategically placed in very hard to reach, far off places where you wouldn’t notice any image degredation. Not saying you can’t take great photos with an iPhone, just pointing out that the ads are a bit misleading.

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