TWiP 437 – Canon – Waiting to Exhale

TWiP 437 – Canon – Waiting to Exhale

Once again Canon is in the news, but unfortunately this time it’s not for some ground­ breaking mirrorless camera that deftly accepts the full range of Canon glass. No! This time the company is making news for disappointing revenues and profits in Q3.

We once again crack open the conversation regarding what they, and the other DSLR camera makers might be thinking or planning to turn things around. We hypothesize about what the actual problem might be — is it the onslaught of high­ quality cameras in our cell phones? Or could it be the relentless pace of innovation set by the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji and others.

Our second story is about YouTube. The company recently announced a new subscription model dubbed “YouTube Red” that allows you to pay a monthly $10 fee for an ad­ free viewing experience as well as access to Google Music, background video playing, downloadable videos and more. But is it worth it? And what does this mean for the YouTuber community?

And lastly we have a discussion around the trend of animated photography, and how it seems to be gaining momentum. With the latest release from the VSCO people called… wait for it… DSCO. DSCO is an app that makes easy work of creating animated GIFs or MP4s up to 2.5 seconds long. Is animation the new black? Or, is it just a passing fad.

To discuss these stories, this week I’m joined by two new additions to the TWiP co­hosting family, photographer and model Christine Alward, along with Commercial Fashion photographer Tim Engle.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

A Disturbing Tea Party

Model, Concept and Stylist: Christine Alward
Photography, Frederick Van Johnson

Picks of the Week

Photography by Christine Alward

Photography by Tim Engle

Photography of Christine Alward by Tim Engle!

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