TWiP 315 – Cheap and Easy Photographers


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Don Komarechka, Sara France

This week on TWiP…

  • What's up with liveBooks?
  • The slow devaluation of photography
  • Canon introduces the 70D
  • An interview with Severin Ma­tu­sek of

Don Komarechka and Sara France join Frederick to discuss these topics and lots more on this week's episode of TWiP.

Announcing TWiP's newest ViewBug photo contest:

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lyrics”

We provide you with a song, you listen to it and interpret the song as best you can in a photo. This contest's song is: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly, as performed by the artist Charice – you can watch her perform the song here.

Note: Entries for this contest will be accepted through August 31st. Enter NOW! Watch Frederick explain how he came up with this contest in the video below!

Enter The Contest!

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Interview with Severin Ma­tu­sek of     

This week Frederick sits down with Severin Ma­tu­sek of To learn more, head over to or get the app for iOS or Android.

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  1. I shoot for free if it is truly non-profit groups. United-Way, March of Dimes etc. are not included. They seem to be mainly political tax shelters and can afford to pay for my services..

  2. The idea behind the 70D and advancement is primarily to reinforce the EF lens mount into the future. Before this AF advancement it was a question for the geekier Canon owners if EF can live without the mirror. As a Canon and Panasonic owner I love my live view all the time on the m4/3 mount, but the performance is always questionable in critical situations, and lack of quality in the lens line compared to the Canon EF mount. However the quality and established EF line could be in trouble should Canon fail at a mirrorless solution, and people discover how nice always on live view is outside the world of the big two. Also of note is that the dual pixel AF covers supposedly 80% of the sensor for AF capability, far greater sensitivity then the other sensor manufacturers, which supposedly would give greater AF performance across the whole sensor as opposed to the m4/3 and Sony’s which are very center weighted AF performance.
    Supposedly. If it works. Which it may not. But hey, at least Canon is trying?