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Documenting Life with Cystic Fibrosis

Commercial Photographer Katarina Premfors discusses life as a photographer in Dubai as well as her recent As week photographing ballet dancers for a 2020 calendar in aid of the Foundation of Cystic Fibrosis in Italy.

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Life in Front of the Lens

In this interview model, Riley Jade joins the podcast to share her experiences working as a popular international model posing for fashion, dance, and lifestyle.

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The Importance of the Print

Dano Steinhardt discusses the evolution of ink-jet printing and how Epson has brought put the power of exhibition-class printing in the hands of everyone.

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A New Visual Art Form

Matthew and I discuss his storied career photographing portraits of some of the most iconic faces on the planet. We also dive into one of his newest projects — a new visual art form.

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Roger Stone

Photographing Roger Stone

New York City based photographer Jesse Dittmar joins me to share a behind-the-scenes perspective on a shoot with a celebrity and disruptor like Roger Stone.

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Diversity in Photography

In this interview, Keren Sachs, founder and CEO of The Luupe, joins the podcast to discuss diversity (or the lack thereof) in the photography industry.

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