TWiP Webinar Replay: Photos & AI Fairytales — Spotting the Real Deal in Photography

In this webinar, we will dive into the heart of photography's latest frontier, Artificial Intelligence, with “Photos and AI Fairytales! Spotting the Real Deal in Photography.”

Renowned photographers and artists Irene Rudnyk, Bella Kotak, Renee Robyn, and Pratik Naik join forces with host Frederick Van Johnson to unravel the mysteries of spotting AI-generated images in a gallery carefully prepared by Renée Robyn.

Follow along in Renée's gallery:

Our panelists:

Renée Robyn –

Our webinar co-host is Renée Robyn, a masterful photographer and digital artist whose work transcends the boundary between reality and fantasy. Her collaborations with top industry players and her expertise in the digital arts have made her a renowned figure in photography circles worldwide. She joins as both co-host and panelist.

Bella Kotak –

Also joining us is the illustrious Bella Kotak, whose award-winning photography is a portal to the fantastic, blending the realms of fine art and fashion with a touch of magic. An ambassador for some of the finest photographic brands and a featured artist on international stages, including BBC1's ‘Extraordinary Portraits,' Bella brings to us a world where every shot is a story waiting to be told.

Pratik Naik –

Also on the panel is Pratik Naik! A masterful retoucher and revered digital artist whose work with fashion and beauty icons has redefined the standards of image perfection. Owner of Solstice Retouch and celebrated educator Pratik brings over twenty years of Photoshop expertise to our panel.

A selection from Pratik's AI portfolio:

A selection from Pratik's photo retouching portfolio:

Irene Rudnyk –

Lastly, I have the pleasure of having Irene Rudnyk on the panel — a portrait photographer whose creative spirit and romantic portrayal of feminine beauty have distinguished her work. As a Canon Canada Ambassador and a mentor to many through her popular YouTube channel, Irene embodies the multifaceted role of an artist dedicated to sharing the splendor she sees through her lens.

A selection from Irene Rudnyk's portfolio: