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In this first part of our two-part series, I sit down with Liza Kraff, Community Manager at, to discuss the cutting-edge world of cloud-based video editing. We explore the benefits and challenges of editing videos in the cloud and dive into how is transforming the way content creators, filmmakers, and businesses collaborate on video projects. Liza also shares her insights into the current trends in video editing and how plans to evolve.

If you're interested in the future of video editing and the impact of cloud technology, this conversation is a must-listen!

About Liza

Meet Liza, the Head of Community at Scenery.Video. Her role is to assist Scenery's customers in utilizing their web-based collaborative video editor to enhance team productivity. With her background as a Video Producer and Editor at NBC Sports, Liza is a proficient video editor, and she is thrilled to introduce Scenery to the TWIP community. Get ready to dive into the world of rapid, cooperative video editing with Liza!

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