TWiP RERUN: A Future of Photography: Pye Jirsa on AI’s Role in Post-Processing

In this trip RERUN episode, I sit down with Pye Jirsa, the visionary behind Impossible Things and their revolutionary Lightroom Plugin, changing the game for photographers. Pye shares his insights on the balance between artisanship and automation and the ongoing debate on whether technology complements or compromises the true essence of photography.

About Pye Jirsa, in his own words…

Pye Jirsa

I'm a photographer, but even more so, I am an educator and frameworks person. I like making complex things simple and easy to master.

SLR Lounge is where I teach people every aspect of wedding and portrait photography—everything from lighting and shooting all the way through to starting and running a successful business.

Visual Flow is where we simplify Lightroom Classic RAW Processing through professional-grade presets incorporating camera profiles and lighting condition-based development.

Impossible Things is our latest venture and AI technology that works natively in Lightroom Classic and edits images with 95% accuracy using your favorite presets. It's like having a virtual editing assistant that buys back your time and life.

Check out Impossible Things, and get 500 free edits:

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