The Adobe MAX Standouts! Plus, SHARK ATTACK! ep 822

This week, Alastair Jolly and I discuss the highlights from Adobe Max 2023 and explore the potential impact of these tools on photographers and digital artists. The episode gets an added layer of depth when Sharky James, host of the Lens Shark Photography Podcast (formerly the PetaPixel Photography Podcast), joins the conversation. We also share our favorite photographic genres and why… making for an informative and engaging discussion.

About our guest, Sharky James:

Mike “Sharky” James is the passionate voice behind the renowned Lens Shark Photography Podcast. With a rich history in photojournalism, Sharky transitioned from capturing moments for newspapers to helping others elevate their photography skills. Launching his podcast on Christmas night 2014, it quickly gained traction, leading to a collaboration with industry titan PetaPixel.

After over seven years under the PetaPixel brand, Sharky reverted to the original podcast name, aligning with his renewed focus on YouTube reviews. Beyond his podcasting journey, Sharky's legacy includes being a pioneering photojournalist, shooting both stills and video content. His relocation to Utah in 2013 marked the beginning of his podcasting adventure, and by 2015, he had settled in Boise, Idaho.

With over eight years in podcasting, listeners treasure his candid perspective and insights rooted in decades of diverse photography experiences.

Socials: @LensShark on Instagram, Twitter, Vero, Threads & Facebook
Podcast:  Lens Shark Photography Podcast

Picks of the Week:

Host: Frederick Van Johnson

Frederick Van Johnson is a photographer, marketing professional, and the founder of “This Week in Photo” (often abbreviated as TWiP), a popular photography-centric podcast and website. He has been involved in the photography industry for many years, both behind the camera and in various roles related to marketing and business development for companies in the photography space.

Frederick's website:

Co-Host: Alastair Jolly

Alastair Jolly has been active in the photography industry for over two decades. While specializing in social and commercial photography, he's also dedicated time to his creative projects, displayed under AMJ Visuals. His work ranges from long-exposure sea and cityscapes to vast landscapes and street photography.

Alastair's website:

Guest: Mike “Sharky” James

Sharky James is a seasoned photographer and communicator in digital imagery. Best known as the host of the Lens Shark Photography Podcast (formerly the PetaPixel Photography Podcast), he has shared insights, tips, and industry news with listeners from around the globe.

Sharky's website:

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