TWiP 488: Making Copyright Great Again

In this episode, the Trump campaign lifts photos from Flickr without permission. Kodak enters the smartphone game, and Nikon goes multi-lens with a computational photography based camera.

TWiP 476: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

This week we discuss Nikon's announcement of their brand new 105mm f1.4 portrait lens. Plus Fujifilm updates their Instax portable printer and Microsoft releases a new app photo called PIX loaded with artificial intelligence

Nikon D500 Review

The Nikon D500 comes more than 6.5 years after the D300, Nikon’s last semi-pro APS-C body. It may have been worth the wait as the D500 may now be the go-to camera for sports and nature.

TWiP 461 – A 360 Look at 360 Video

GoPro focuses in on 360º video and away from from being solely a hardware manufacturer plus a first look at Nikon's KeyMission 360º camera. Plus scientists discover a way to store 10 Terabytes of data in a smear of DNA.

TWiP 453 – Hot New DSLRs!

Pentax K-1 has features not found in other dSLRs. And Canon announces the 80D, along with some new glass and accessories.

TWiP 447 – CES 2016 Round Up

This week we look back at CES 2016 & round up the biggest photography announcements from the show. Plus Kodak announces the return of the Super 8 film camera.

TWiP 444 – Drone Registration Time!

The FAA officially launches its drone registration program. Google adds shared memories to Google Photos. Plus leaked photo and specs for Nikon's D5.

The Candid Frame 298 – Sandro

Sandro has been photographing people for over thirty years. He became interested in photography at the age of sixteen upon seeing the work of Irving Penn and has since devoted his life to creating expressiv...
Nikon D5500

Nikon D5500

The Nikon D5500 is the company's third camera in the D5xx series, positioned as a solid entry-level body between the D3300 and D7200. All three share the same image quality. The differences? The D5500 is Ni...

TWiP 405 – The Paradox of Choice

Can avoiding gear can actually help your photography? Plus Nikon thinks your hot shoe needs sprucing up and are photographers sleepwalking into photography armageddon?

Nikon D750

Although discontinued two years ago, the Nikon D700 was one of the most-loved digital cameras ever made. Six years since the D700 was introduced, Nikon has finally come out with the 24MP D750.

Nikon D810

Nikon’s original D800 and D800e 36MP monsters, launched in 2012, were impressive -- even groundbreaking -- but also flawed in some ways. The company’s new D810 is an evolutionary refinement of the pair. Though ...

TWiP 374 – Breaking All the Rules

Host: Frederick Van Johnson Guests:  Valérie Jardin & Don Komarechka This week on TWiP... Nikon settles D600 class action suit Music artists who don’t appreciate their photo being taken Manc...

TWiP 363 – Time to Fling the Poo

Nikon stock hits a 3 year low which prompts restructuring of the company, the Camera Store pits 4 mirror-less bodies against the Nikon D4s in an autofocus test, & a Facebook software engineer posts a step-by-step guide on how to steal grad photos. Plus an interview with photographer Renee Robyn.

Nikon D4s

Nikon's latest flagship camera can shoot at an amazing ISO 409,6000. As Frederick says, "It's so sensitive, it can see the future." But is that claim hype or reality? And who should spend $6,500 for this camera?

Nikon D3300

What's new in the entry-level DSLR market? The D3300 is Nikon's latest candidate in this niche. But the real question for most buyers isn't whether it's the best DSLR at this level, but whether one might be better off with a comparable mirrorless camera.

TWiP 349 – Nikon Introduces a New Flagship DSLR

This week on TWiP - Nikon announces the D4s, Canon reportedly pulling out of the cheap P&S market, and are there problems at PocketWizard? Plus an Interview with landscape and nature photographer Juan Pons!

TWiP 333 – If It Feels Good, Shoot It!

A discussion about Sony's A7 and A7r mirrorless, full-frame cameras. Insights on the Panasonic Lumix GM1 and Nikon's new retro Df. A look at Apple's Mac OS X Mavericks, iOS 7 and the 5th generation iPads. Plus an interview with Camera Lab's mastermind Gordon Laing and his thoughts on Sony's new offerings.

TWiP 328 – Learning Light

Martin Bailey hosts and is joined by Ron Brinkmann and Charlie MacPherson for a round table discussion on learning light. Plus Nikon files a patent for a camera with an interchangeable sensor, a priest stops a wedding ceremony to scold a photographer, and an interview with Nathan Morris on the business of photography.