TWiP 476: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

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TWiP 476: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Sacramento ­based fashion photographer Tim Engle announces his love of the Pokemon hunt. Plus Nikon has revealed a brand new 105 f1.4 lens that is sure to grab portrait photographers’ attention. Fujifilm updates its popular Instax Share instant printer, and Microsoft releases a new app photo loaded with artificial intelligence. Microsoft says, this new smart app is designed to help you take even better photos with your iPhone, “it’s like having a professional photographer in your pocket!”

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  1. I highly recommend commercial photographers price their work not just based on a flat fee plus expenses, but charge for usage as well. In fact, ad agencies and design firms EXPECT photographers to charge for usage. Shouldn’t Anheuser-Busch pay more than a local brewer for a photo that would get way more exposure when used by A-B? Here is another way to look at usage. When buying a song for .99 cents on iTunes, does that give the purchaser the right to use the song in a tv commercial? No, because the .99 cents covers a license for personal use. Commercial use of the same song will be so much more.

    Please consider joining the photography trade organization ASMP ( to learn how to price your work in order to have a successful business. I went to one of their national conferences years ago and learned so much when they showed invoices from various photographers. You may think your work has a certain value, but your photos can be greatly more valuable to clients. Please research pricing so you are paid for the true value of your photos. And one more tip: you should get paid a lot more money when a clients wants all rights!

    Keep in mind what I wrote above is for commercial work with companies and agencies.