TWiP 461 – A 360 Look at 360 Video

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TWiP 461 – A 360 Look at 360 Video

GoPro focuses in on 360º video and away from from being solely a hardware manufacturer, to being a web-based platform for extreme sports and other genres.

Also, Nikon’s KeyMission 360º action camera was revealed in January… and Nikon ambassador Corey Rich puts the camera through its paces. Is this new camera the A7 of 360?

And scientists at the University of Washington have teamed up with Microsoft to develop a method for storing 10 Terabytes of data in a tiny smear of DNA.

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  1. I used to use AirDisplay but like Frederick didn’t enjoy the latency. I now use XDisplay, which also connects the iPad via the lightning cable and doesn’t have the lag. I don’t recall whether I started using it because it was cheaper than Duet Display or because Duet Display didn’t yet support Windows as it does now.