TWiP 333 – If It Feels Good, Shoot It!

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Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson with Derrick Story & Martin Bailey

This week on TWiP…

  • Sony’s A7 and A7r mirrorless, full-frame game changers
  • The Panasonic Lumix GM1 and the retro Nikon Df
  • Apple’s OS X Mavericks, iOS 7 and the latest iPads
  • Plus an interview with CameraLabs.com mastermind Gordon Laing


This week Frederick sits down for a conversation with Gordon Laing of CameraLabs.com. Gordon and Frederick discuss Sony’s ground-breaking A7 and A7r bodies and explore how this new technology will impact the photography market. To check out more from Gordon, head over to his website at CameraLabs.com.

Contest Winners Announced!

Brooks Institute Destinations Contest

Grand Jury Winner – JessNaylor
Tire Swing

By Jess Naylor
By Jess Naylor

This image shows a really great use of an ultra-wide angle lens. I love the colors and the center of interest. I also appreciate how the photographer positioned the sun behind the palm tree to create the subtle backlighting while also producing some those cool specular highlights on the water. Very nicely done.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lyrics Contest

Grand Jury Winner – Trinhxuanhai
I Believe I Can Fly
I Believe I Can Fly - trinhxuanhai

What an amazing image, and perfect realization of the contest intent. This ballerina truly looks like she believes she can fly. The composition and execution are wonderful. If this is a composite image, I believe it succeeds in that respect also by virtue of the fact that I am not sure if it’s a composite or not! Very well done.

The Color Red – TWiP Meetup Contest

Grand Jury Winner – PhotonSlave
Stepping from Innocence
Photo - Charles Kune

This subject of this contest was the color red, and this photo definitely succeeds there! Beyond that, looking at what the artist (PhotonSlave) was trying to say with the composition and titling of this image it becomes very interesting. Red is generally a color that indicates danger, fear, passion, etc. And the juxtaposition of children going up an ominous red staircase adds some serious tension to the shot. This is one of those shots that makes you sit and think for a bit. I like it a lot.

Data Robotics / Drobo Mini Contest Winner!

Drobo Mini
Congratulations to Scott Calkins, for poseet that won him the fantastic Drobo mini from our friends over at Data Robotics! I personally own one of these drives and it sits proudly on my desktop. It houses my currently active projects as well as my active Lightroom library… it’s a great addition to my desktop workflow. And Scott, now it’ll be an addition to your workflow as well.


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  1.  Sony’s A7 and A7r mirrorless, full-frame game changers (12:37)
  2.  The Panasonic Lumix GM1 (24:00)
  3.  The retro Nikon Df (29:00)
  4.  Apple’s OS X Mavericks, iOS 7 and the latest iPads (41:30)


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