TWiP 328 – Learning Light


Hosts: Martin Bailey, Ron Brinkmann, Charlie MacPherson

This week on TWiP…

  • Nikon files a patent for an interchangeable sensor camera
  • A Priest halts a wedding ceremony to scold photographers
  • A round-table discussion on “Learning Light”
  • Plus an interview on the business of photography with Nathan Morris

This week Frederick sat down for a conversation with Nathan Morris to discuss the business of photography. You can learn more about Nathan by visiting his website at

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  1. Overall a really nice show although I will disagree with he group on lighting. Even in bright sunlight at high noon you still can get good portraits if you pay attention on how the light falls, and so simple techniques like flashfill, or even using reflectors. The trick is to pay attention to the light. Strong directional for example can give excellent textures.
    Just to make the point, here is a shot at high noon at baker beach with a gold reflector sorry I could not resist. 😉

  2. As far as estimates, invoices, I use Blinkbid. Love the product use it all the time, just wish there was some integration to FreshBooks with it. I am not connected to them whatsoever, just like the software. -Adamâ„¢

  3. The mention of Tweetily is amazing I am so glad to have learned of this. However is there anything exactly like that that will schedule posts to a Facebook Page / Timeline? thanks and keep up the cool work.

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