TWiP 450 – How to Damage Your Credibility

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TWiP Episode 450 ­ – How to Damage your Credibility

In this age of everything and everyone being connected to everything and everyone, it’s hard to pull a fast one over on anyone — especially in the photography industry. One photographer found this out the hard way when he entered a Photoshopped image into a Nikon photo contest—and won. The subsequent digital witch burning went viral — as his credibility spiraled.

Also in this episode we look into the viability of iPhones, particularly next generation iPhones, as “DSLR” replacements. We’ve discussed this topic on the show before, but it looks like we may be closer than ever to that “camera bag in your pocket” utopia.

To discuss these stories and more, I’m joined by two veterans of the TWiP Network — Valerie Jardin, and Doug Kaye.

Before we get started, we also wanted to let you know that Frederick is excited to be speaking at the Out of Chicago conference June 24­-26. For a limited time, they’re knocking $100 off the registration price if you use the code “twipchicago” when you sign up. Just head over to TWiP.Pro/OOC to see all the details. See you in the windy city!

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  1. Nice episode as usual guys, is there a link to the link Doug mentioned? Called up? Thanks Mike.