Matt Granger is all-In on Nikon

Photographer, YouTuber, author, and educator Matt Granger joins the podcast for an insightful discussion about why he thinks the Nikon Z9 might just be the best camera ever made.

About Matt Granger

Matt Granger

Matt is probably known best for his YouTube channels, which have attracted a loyal following around the world and almost 150 million views.

Even before YouTube and traveling the world teaching, Matt has been a passionate professional photographer, specializing in all things ‘people' related. He has been published extensively in Australia and abroad and has exhibited with the likes of Studio Harcourt.

Matts's adventurous spirit has led him all over the globe, and he now leads tours to a number of exotic locations.

Outside of work, Matt is a happy husband, a passionate traveler and explorer, and a bit of a foodie. Matt studied for economics and film studies degrees at university.

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