PocketShooters is Coming!

Coming soon to The TWiP Network — a brand new show called PocketShooters — all about mobile phone photography!

TheFIX 073: iOS Photos – Quick Tips

New to the iPhone? Or, just need some tips working with the iOS Photos app? On this episode of TheFIX, Seán Duggan shows some of the essentials for working with the iOS Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. We cover the Camera Roll, the date and location-based organization offered by Moments, Collections and Years, as well as the Smart Albums created by iOS, and albums that you create.We also look at the Maps and Search features to find images based on where and when they where photographed.

TWiP 462 – Get Real!

A photographer cries foul after seeing a Calvin Klein ad. Plus a new startup wants to DSLR your iPhone with a new grip and could optical zoom be coming to the next iPhone?

4K Video Comparison – Panasonic Lumix GH4 vs iPhone 6S

One of the first things I did when the phone arrived was test the 4K video. Specifically, I was VERY curious to see how the iPhone would stand up to 4K video from my favorite “serious” camera — the Panasonic Lumix GH4.

TWiP 410 – Lightroom CC

On this episode of TWiP, Bryan Caporicci & Andy Biggs join Frederick to talk about Lightroom CC. Plus a sneak peek inside Apple's future iPhone camera.

TWiP #272 – The iPhone 5 for Photographers

This week on TWiP: Apple releases the long-awaited iPhone 5, Nokia gets caught faking new technology, a discussion about the world of plug-ins and an insightful interview with Adobe's Bryan O'Neil Hughes.

10 Free iPhone Apps Every Photographer Needs

Mobile photography continues to be one of the hottest trends in photo communities all over the world. Yes, everyone has a pretty good camera in their hands now but there is no need to fear for the art of photog...

TWiP #234 – 2012 Photographic Resolutions

This week on TWiP: It's a very special year-end episode! We look back on trends of 2011, and looking forward on what's coming in 2012 in this very special episode of This Week in Photo! Plus: holiday wishes from past TWiP guests and some of our listeners too!

TWiP #232 – There’s A Yak For That

This week on TWiP: dSLRs banned from a UK tube station, iPhone photos find their way into stock photography, Kodak burning through $70 million a month, and CF cards to be replaced by smaller XQD format.
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Replacing a DSLR with an iPhone 4

This article is about a hobbyist photographer (me) who decided to upgrade from a Nikon D90 to a D7000. In order for me to make the upgrade, I had to make some difficult decisions and sold my D90. I began using my iPhone more regularly, and realized that I did have an "everyday" camera - my iPhone 4.