TWiP #272 – The iPhone 5 for Photographers


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Brian Matiash, Nicole S. Young and Rick Sammon

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP:

  • Apple announces the iPhone 5 (13:00)
  • Nokia gets caught faking new technology (25:20)
  • A discussion about the world of plug-ins (33:30)
  • Plus an interview with Bryan O'Neil Hughes (59:40)

Listen in as Brian Matiash, Nicole S. Young and Rick Sammon join Frederick Van Johnson to discuss these topics and much more.  Here are a few gems from the conversation:

Nicolesy on plug-ins: “We need to be kicked around a little bit to try different things.”

Rick Sammon on style: “One out of focus picture is a mistake; twenty out of focus pictures is a style!”

Brian on software: “Know the tools that you have so that you can make appropriate decisions in the field.”

Frederick on editing: “Be a pixel-burglar!”

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  • Customizing Photoshop's settings to work for your specific needs
  • Processing Images from RAW capture to final DVD archiving
  • Shooting and stitching multiple images to create large panoramas
  • Working with layer blending modes and adjustment layers
  • Using selection and layer masking for the multiple image montage
  • Using light painting and selective focus for creative effects

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Interview with Bryan O'Neil Hughes

Enjoy the conversation as Frederick sits down with Adobe's Bryan O'Neil Hughes, Senior Product Manager for Photoshop and Bridge.  You may just decide that it's time to upgrade to CS6!

1. Apple releases the long-awaited iPhone 5

2. Nokia caught faking new technology

3. A discussion about the world of plug-ins

1. Tony Sweet – Fine art photographer and educator

2. Nova Launcher for Android

3. YouTube link to Nokia's troubles

4. onOne Software – Focal Point 2 & Perfect Portrait

5. Imagenomic Software

6. Rick Sammon's iHDR educational app

7. Kai's Power Tools!

8. Nik Software – Snapseed for iPhone and iPad

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    1. I hope this gets mentioned in the next podcast, it is simply amazing. I am not sure why they did not use this in the original ad as it seems there is nothing to be ashamed of here. In addition, there is a video showing it’s low light abilities compared to Galaxy S III and iPhone 4s on youtube at

      Though the flash comes on briefly for autofocus, the quality is second to none. The end of the video shows a real time 5 second demo of video OIS also.

  1. It was truly refreshing finally to hear Brian Matiash on the show actually give his opinion on Android & iOS, thanks guys!

    1. I completely agree, i stumbled across this site a while ago and i was blown away by how creative and artistic users could be with the level of customization android has.. It was just very appealing to the little geek in me ! 🙂
      ( warning it is very time consuming )

  2. Hi – I really enjoy the podcast – definitely one of the best. I think it would be great to have the person you interview join the show instead of having a separate interview. I’m catching myself ff through to the questions and the picks of the week.

  3. I usually am a big fan of the show, but lately they’ve been sounding like infomercials. I feel this one was the most un-listenable show so far. I will give the next few shows a listen. I hope you guys won’t take this the wrong way.


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