Discovering iPhone Photography, with Stephen Scharf

In this episode, Molecular Biologist / Photographer Stephen Scharf joins the podcast to share his experiences using iPhone 213 PRO Max as a professional (i.e., money-making) camera. To Stephen's surprise, it turns out the iPhone is more than capable of handling a wide variety of photography tasks, including real estate interiors and exteriors. But there are a few “gotcha's.”

About Stephen Scharf

Stephen Scharf

I'm a scientist by training and a photographer by avocation. My scientific work has ranged from human molecular genetics to molecular diagnostics and DNA forensics. My photographic work ranges from professional motorsports photography to landscape, architectural, street, and urbex photography. After using Canon professional gear for a long time, in 2012, I discovered the wonderful Fujifilm X System of cameras and lenses, which continues to be a source of inspiration for me.

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