TWiP Talks 15: Animating Prints with Live Portrait

In this interview, I sit down with the two co-founders of Live Portrait, Robert Nunn and Samuel Zaribian — along with advisor Peter Nicholson to discuss their new software and some of its potential uses.

The software is designed to allow photographers to “marry” a still-printed image with a video. When viewed through their iPhone app, you see a 3D, mapped digital video playing on top of a print — living in the physical world.

This is augmented reality applied to commercial photography.

In this chat, we discuss the technology behind this software and some potential directions photographers and other creative professionals might take it.

Check out the Live Portrait website here.
Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter.

To get a look at how it works, do this:

1. First, download the Live Portrait app.
2. Launch it, then aim your iPhone at this photo:


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