Pocketshooters on Simplification

Never has the old adage “less is more” been more appropriate than when it’s applied to the art of photography. People starting in photography tend to think the reverse… the more you cram into a frame, the better the photo will be. Not true.

When creating compelling photographs, it’s important to consider and understand what the subject of the photograph is, and “focus” the viewers attention to that thing. For example, in a photograph of a person, obviously that person is the subject of the photograph. However, distracting objects in the background can draw attention away from your subject. Your job, as a photographer is to keep things as simple as possible, while telling the story in a single frame.

Keeping your eye on the whole image, minimizing distractions while focusing attention to the subject will go miles in seperating your work from everyone elses.

In this episode, we give some quick tips on how you can go minimalist in your photography!