Pocketshooters Season Finale

The End of the Beginning.

What a journey this has been. Creating these 12 episodes of Pocketshooters has been fun and educational. The world of mobile photography continues to become increasingly important and interesting and undoubtedly is here to stay. And as we’ve demonstrated over the course of this first season… the phone is quickly becoming a viable tool for professional photography, as well for as consumers looking to create priceless family photographs.

The mobile phone camera has all but decimated the point-and-shoot camera market, at least from mainstream usage. And it simultaneously has created thousands of new opportunities for image creation for both still and video based photography. And now that we’re seeing more and more professional-level post-processing software become available, we’re seeing the cycle of “capture-create-share” now happen on a single device. It’s difficult to stress how amazing and liberating this is.

The egalitarianism of ubiquitous mobile phone photography has literally changed the world from the standpoint of news gathering, law enforcement, entertainment and more — and it’s showing no signs of slowing.

If you’ve taken anything out of this first season, it should be that you have an insanely powerful tool available to you at all times… it’s up you to start using it with your new mindset.

See you in season 2! And be sure to follow my season 1 co-host Giulio Sciorio over on his blog!

While you’re waiting on season 2, be sure to check out our awesome course on mobile photography. It’s also called Pocketshooters, and is available NOW on the TWiP School.


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