Pocketshooters Shooting with a Theme

Have you ever suffered from “analysis paralysis”? Or the syndrome of not doing “anything” because there are so many choices? Maybe you’re afraid to choose the wrong thing? In photography this condition is even more prevalent. There are SO many options, so many tools, and so many things that inspire us, many people shut down and don’t shoot anything.

There is a way to cut through the paralyzing storm of choices and get focused, and that’s to consider shooting on a theme. Also considering beginning with the end will help you ignore irrelevant things and focus on the thing you’re trying to create. An example of beginnign with the end in mind would be to:

  • Think of the final use for the photo you’re creating. Social media? Hanging on the wall? Just for you personally to look at?
  • Consider the audience for the photo, and keep them in mind while shooting.
  • Maybe even sketch out your idea and assemble any props or items you might need for the shot.

All of these things work together to help you execute your photograph. You want to be in the midset of “making” photos, not just “taking” random snap shots.

In this episode we discuss the simple idea of shooting on a theme, and how that simple mindset shift can take your photos from good, to great!