Celebrity Portraits & Film Photography with Jesse Dittmar at Photoville 2024

Here's an insightful conversation with renowned celebrity portrait photographer Jesse Dittmar at Photoville 2024.

In this interview, Jesse shares his journey of photographing some of the most notable names in the world and his unique approach to portrait photography. From his experiences working with Annie Leibovitz to his passion for shooting on film, Jesse delves into the nuances that set his work apart.

Discover why Jesse prefers film over digital, the tactile nature of film photography, and how using vintage lenses enhances his portraits. He also discusses his current exploration into color film and his excitement about discovering new talents in the industry.

Jesse offers valuable advice for aspiring photographers, particularly those looking to become successful assistants. Learn about the persistence, curiosity, and dedication required to make it in the competitive world of photography.

Key Points:

• Jesse Dittmar’s journey as a celebrity portrait photographer
• The advantages of shooting on film
• Exploring color film for the first time
• Finding and photographing up-and-coming talents
• Advice for aspiring photography assistants

Connect with Jesse Dittmar:
🌐 Website: JesseDittmar.com
📷 Instagram: @jessiedittmar

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