Time-Lapse Photography with your Mobile Phone

Time Lapse Videos

Creating time-lapse videos is a great way to compress events that ordinarily would take a long time to unfold. Mobile phones excel at capturing time-lapse videos because they're so easy to set up, and because they're practically always with you. The built-in time-lapse feature in the iPhone does an amazing job on it’s own with just a single click. However, to kick things up a notch, consider investing $3 in the amazing Lapse It app (iOS and Android). It takes mobile phone time-lapse videos to the next level by adding a high degree of customizability.

This video was created with my iPhone 7+ on a simple tripod stand. I didn’t change any settings in the Lapse It app, I simply framed up the shot, and pressed go.

The video was taken of an automobile windshield replacement technician changing the glass on my car. The replacement took about an hour, but with time-lapse it’s compressed into just 50 seconds.

Lapse It

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