Pocketshooters on Tripods

There’s one simple thing you can do, today, to improve your mobile phone photography. Get something to hold it for you! There are literally hundreds of tripods, mounts, clamps, and other devices floating round that are designed to get your mobile phone out of your hand, and safely stabilized onto any firm surface.

Why would you want to do this?

Well, your first thought might be that this is the best way for you to get in the photo. And you’d be right. Timer mode was designed for use when you have the camera safely stabilized on a surface. But there are many more instances when you’d want to relieve your hand from the job of holding your phone. For example, when you’d like to capture a nice time-lapse video, or when using apps that allow you to shoot long exposures. Locking your camera down on a tripod removes one crucial variable from your shot… motion.

In this episode, we discuss when and where you might want to employ the use of a tripod in your pocketshooting.