The Power of Photo Advocacy: A Conversation with Scott Wilson

This week Scott Wilson, a photo advocate based in Denver, Colorado shares his inspiring journey from landscape photography to also becoming a passionate advocate for wildlife and cancer awareness. He discusses his experiences with stage four colon cancer, the healing power of photography, and his transition to wildlife photography, particularly focusing on wild horses. Scott also talks about the importance of photo advocacy and how photographers can use their craft to support causes they believe in.

Key Points:

  • Scott Wilson’s origin story and his journey to photo advocacy.
  • The impact of a stage four colon cancer diagnosis and how it shifted Scott’s focus to wildlife photography.
  • The role of photography in raising awareness for cancer screening and research.
  • The emotional and psychological benefits of photography during challenging times.
  • The significance of wild horse conservation and Scott’s efforts in advocating for humane management of wild horse populations.
  • The power of the photography community in supporting charitable causes.
  • Scott’s gallery in Denver and its role in promoting conservation and awareness.

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