PocketShooters is Coming!

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Coming soon to The TWiP Network — a brand new show called PocketShooters!

We believe this is an extremely important show, and the time has come for mobile phone photography to be taken seriously.
The capabilities in late model iPhone and Android devices is nothing short of amazing, and the image quality is getting close to what previously was only achievable using “professional” cameras. This show will explore the vast universe of tools, software and techniques that you can employ to begin creating pro-level mobile phone shots.

Get on our early announcement list, and be one of the first to check out this brand new show on The TWiP Network.

We’ll be giving away a few prizes to those who sign-up early, so be sure to subscribe now so that you won't miss out.pocketshooters_square-320

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  1. Looking forward to this but was hoping from the title it would also include P/S like the G9 X which I love!

    1. Yep, I subscribe that as well. Can’t wait ’til Gordon Laing covers the 5D4!

      BTW, you were great on The New Screen Savers.

  2. Hi Frederick. I am looking forward to this new addition to your repertoire. With my new iPhone 7 due any day this podcast will be interesting. I enjoy TWIP very much and wonder if you could release the video version as a podcast? Best wishes, Mark

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