TWiP 489: Wanderlust & New Gear

In this episode I introduce you to a new member of the TWiP family, Federico Chieli to talk about Microsoft's new Surface Studio PC that wants to kill the iMac. Plus Apple updates the MacBook Pro with a new Touch Bar and Sweden bans drones in public places.

TWiP 487: Amputees en Vogue

Sony’s new 4K Action Cam adds optical image stabilization. Paralympic athletes replaced with able-bodied models in Vogue campaign. Plus a tourist is jailed for flying his drone in Havana.

TWiP 481: Photokina Preview

Ahead of Photokina, vendors are polishing up their offerings, and teasing us with the next amazing thing that will make us whip out that credit card. DJI has a new Drone and updates to the Osmo, GoPro is preparing to launch a Drone and new Hero 5, and Garmin takes aim at GoPro by adding voice controls to their action cam.

TWiP 480: Did Steve Jobs Change Photography?

Steve Jobs will soon be inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame. Smugmug rescues stranded PictureLife customers. And the US Federal Aviation Administration finally rules that commercial drone use is legal.

TWiP 471: A New Photoshop Arrives!

Adobe continues with its “rolling thunder” model of drip­feeding cool new features to Creative Cloud subscribers. Also Hasselblad enters the mirrorless market with a relatively inexpensive medium format mirrorless camera. And the FAA finally announces rules governing drone flight in the United States

TWiP 444 – Drone Registration Time!

The FAA officially launches its drone registration program. Google adds shared memories to Google Photos. Plus leaked photo and specs for Nikon's D5.

TWiP Talks 28: Drones! State of the Union

In this interview, I sit down with UAV/Drone pioneer Eric Cheng. We discuss the rapid pace of drone evolution, and the current state of the industry. We also discuss where all of this might be going in the not-so-distant future, both in terms of technology as well as the unfolding legalities.

TWiP 435 – Straight Outta Washington

A new registry for Drones is coming. How will this affect photographers? Plus Adobe apologizes & reverses course on changes to it's import module in Lightroom.

TWiP 397 – White House Drones

This week on TWiP, a photographer crash lands his DJI Quadcopter on the White House lawn. Plus Sports Illustrated lays off the remainder of it's staff photographers.

TWiP 387 – DJI Gets Inspired

DJI ups their drone game with the release of the next generation Inspire 1. looks to be the 500px of Aerial photos. Plus Kiera Knightly says digital shooters aren't as connected to their subjects as film shooters.

Action Cameras and Drones

A discussion about POV cameras like Sony's ActionCam and a look into the growing world of UAVs (Drones).

TWiP #296 – Game of Drones

This week on TWiP: The drones are coming! Nikon releases the D7100, a look at Droneography and the Phantom Quadcopter, and Flickr is back! Plus an interview with Aaron Mahler.