TWiP Talks 28: Drones! State of the Union

In this interview, I sit down with UAV/Drone pioneer Eric Cheng. We discuss the rapid pace of drone evolution, and the current state of the industry. We also discuss where all of this might be going in the not-so-distant future, both in terms of technology as well as the unfolding legalities.

TWiP 397 – White House Drones

This week on TWiP, a photographer crash lands his DJI Quadcopter on the White House lawn. Plus Sports Illustrated lays off the remainder of it's staff photographers.

TWiP 387 – DJI Gets Inspired

DJI ups their drone game with the release of the next generation Inspire 1. looks to be the 500px of Aerial photos. Plus Kiera Knightly says digital shooters aren't as connected to their subjects as film shooters.
DJI Quadcopter

TWiP #296 – Game of Drones

This week on TWiP: The drones are coming! Nikon releases the D7100, a look at Droneography and the Phantom Quadcopter, and Flickr is back! Plus an interview with Aaron Mahler.