TWiP #296 – Game of Drones


Hosts: Frederick Van Johnson, Thomas Hawk and Derrick Story

Episode Overview

This week on TWiP, here's what's on tap:

  • Nikon releases the D7100
  • Droneography
  • Flickr is back!
  • And an interview with Aaron Mahler

Thomas Hawk and Derrick Story join Frederick to discuss these topics and lots more on this week's episode of TWiP.

1. Nikon releases the D7100 (11:30)

2. Droneography (29:40)

3. Flickr is back! (36:00)

Thomas: The Drobo 5D with Thunderbolt

Derrick: The Toshiba FlashAir 8GB SD card with embedded wireless LAN

Frederick: The GoPro Hero 3

1. Derrick Story's new book “iPad for Digital Photographers”

2. Lite Panels to aid in Hangout lighting

3. Rocket blasters for cleaning lens elements

4. Markus Spiering – Product Manager at Flickr

5. Flickr app mentioned by Thomas

6. Flickr Groups

7. Olympus OM-D and Panasonic GH3 micro 4/3 cameras

8. Gimbal mentioned in Aaron Mahler interview

9. FPV Kits (First Person View) for GoPro Droneography

10. The Phantom Quadcopter – This is what we have been talking about!!

11. Canon CPS Platinum – Canon Pro Services

12. Canon's 135 f2 – Thomas' favorite lens

An Interview with Aaron Mahler about “Droneography”

This week, Frederick sits down with TWiP legend Aaron Mahler to talk about drones, photography and the new Phantom Quadcopter. To catch up with Aaron, please visit him at


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  1. I was disappointed with this show… The announcement of the D7100 from Nikon should of been covered better… Its a shame that the chosen panel for this discussion were both Canon users and really had no interest in the new Nikon D7100 at all… Derrick uses Canon and Olympus OM-D and is well know for favouring these two setups… Thomas is well known for favouring the Canon full frame system and his passing ‘fly’ comment that the D7100 was a copy of a Canon basically put the nail in the conversation…
    I love TWIP but next time guys can you at least get a Nikon user to make comment on a Nikon announcement, other than Frederick of course, who must of thought of running to the hills for his bayonet and tin hat!

  2. Interesting piece on drones, just built a DJI F450 with my son recently; lots of fun. You guys forgot to mention that you need a controller for the drone which can cost hundreds of $s; if you are handy with electronics you can do as we did and get a Turnigy 9x for about $50 and mod it to add a USB connector and flash it with the open source er9x software. For the flight controller on the Quad, we used the Quadrino which uses the open source MultiWii software; Colin who invented the board has a call in Sunday webex that anyone can join and ask questions. We are in the process of putting an inexpensive FPV system on the Quad now that we (mostly) fly without crashing. One thing to mention about FPV is that GoPros are laggy to use, the recommendation is that you get a separate camera for the FPV system. Anyone in the LA area may want to check out the LA Robotics meetup or the FB group page for SoCal FPV.

  3. Another important item Aaron should have mentioned is joining the AMA (at least in the US.) They lobby for the commercial and hobbyist flyers. Also with a very small yearly membership fee they provide flight insurance. Check out the details at

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