TWiP 425 – Not Your Grandfather’s Drone

[smart_track_player url=”″ color=”6a1915″ title=”Not Your Grandfather's Drone” artist=”TWiP 425″ ]The skies are starting to get a bit more crowded, as the drone market heats up and DJI adds to the air traffic pattern with the release of three new Phantom 3 models. Plus Flickr decides to bring back Pro accounts, plus we dive into a technique discussion about focus stacking.

Joseph Linaschke from PhotoApps.Expert  takes a turn in the hosting chair and is joined by the host of Street Focus – Valerie Jardin and soon-to-be host of an all-new show devoted to the science and technology of photography – Don Komarechka.

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  1. Just a suggestion, but I think you would be well served to better think the topics you will discuss while keeping in mind who the hosts are. This week, there were three main topics and Valerie had nothing to add when it came to any of them. Nothing against Valerie, it was kind of awkward listening IMO.

    1. Sorry to was awkward to listen to, it was quite fun recording! I think we all handled it quite well by turning it into somewhat of an inside joke. Know that guests are scheduled weeks in advance, the topics are whatever is on the news that week. There is no way of going around that. Sorry if I didn’t bring anything constructive to the table this time, Don and Joseph were plenty qualified to talk about all the topics and made this show a great source of information IMO.
      Thank you for listening Darren!

    2. Hi Valerie. you have no reason to be sorry, but it would have been better (to me) with at least one topic that would have been more in your wheelhouse. I understand that you talk about the topics of the day, but I am not sure how totally important flickr pro is, nor how time critical focus stacking is. Of course, the focus stacking would be best served with Don, but that could happen any time.

    3. I understand. I hope you listen to Street Focus, it’s all right down my alley over there! 🙂

  2. Listening to this episode now and the Flickr story has me very confused. I’ve been on the $24.95 Pro account for the last several years. I was charged that on 8/25/13 and 8/25/14 (any payments before that are in another software file and I don’t remember when I actually went from free to Pro). I just found a 5/20/13 article on TechCrunch ( saying that Flickr was going to do away with the Pro accounts and remove the Pro badges from our profiles. So I was charged 3 months after that article and a year after that and with my renewal date coming up soon, I’m wondering what’s going to happen. According to what I’ve read recently, the Pro accounts are coming back (really?) at $49.99 annually and us $24.95 people will be grandfathered in for 2 years. From my perspective, I’ve been Pro all along (see attached screenshot I just took). We’ll see what they charge me next week. I’m not a professional photographer and I may very well be one of those mentioned in this episode whose photos aren’t very good. $24.95 was reasonable, $49.99 is outrageous.

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